nub question..what does (ESCL)? mean.??

nub question..what does (ESCL)? mean.??

does it mean East Soft Core Ladder?

i play on East Ladder so thats what that means right?


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Re: nub question..what does (ESCL)? mean.??

You are absolutely correct. The most common way of writing it is with [], but this depends upon preferences.

The name is set up from 3 parts: Realm, Softcore/Hardcore and Ladder/Nonladder. These are the abbreviations:

Part 1:

EU - Europe
W, USW - US West Coast
E, USE - US East Coast
A - Asia (does anyone play it on ETF at all??)

Part 2:

SC - Softcore
HC - Hardcore (pretty rare, actually)

Part 3:

L - Ladder
NL - Non-Ladder (rare as well)

So, just choose one out of each of the categories and stick them together in a sort of "tag". I think it's very helpful in the Trade Values forum: You just type [EUSCL] itemname.