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[caption id="attachment_386919" align="alignright" width="254"] Annoying in any language?[/caption]A blue reply today to a fan voicing a common complaint (but not as common as the event that spawns it). NPC Redundant Dialogue in Diablo III:

"My name is Urshi"



Nevalistis: We totally understand Urshi's dialogue can get a little... trying after a few dozen consecutive runs. We plan on addressing this in a future patch.

My running theory as to why this started happening is that Urshi really just wants to be heard. I'm sure it gets lonely in those rifts!

I don't really hear the NPC dialogue since 1) it's repetitious and annoying, and 2) I've got the music and voices volume way down and the sound effects on medium and it's mostly drowned out by whatever music I'm playing. But those of you who can hear the NPCs... do they annoy?

Personally, the same dialogue trees appearing every game is what bothers me. I'm visually OCD about that, and when there's an NPC with the little * prompt over them, I have trouble not clicking it to make it go away. And of course every new game in Adventure Mode you get the same eager explanatory announcement displays from Orek, Tyrael, the other NPC with the polearm, the PVP guy, etc. How about a check box in Options to turn this crap off?

Also, unrelated but similar... can we choose to keep the Paragon Point plus button from showing up mid-battle? How about it only appears when you're in town, and if you want it otherwise you can hit the hotkey? As fast as the levels come there are always some points to distribute, and it's annoying. It's dangerous, too. I've nearly died several times pushing higher Grifts when I accidentally clicked that blue plus sign in the middle of a frantic battle.
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I usually have music on, so I don't notice. What's FAR more infuriating is 4 failures at "60% gem upgrade chance" in a row. That %chance is a damn lie and can burn in hell.


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I usually have music on, so I don't notice. What's FAR more infuriating is 4 failures at "60% gem upgrade chance" in a row. That %chance is a damn lie and can burn in hell.
That's how chance works. It can go against how people feel about chance but it's true. People have a tendency to imagine that chance is equal to distribution; that is, something with a 60% chance WILL happen 6/10 times. But chance doesn't equal distribution unless you do the thing infinite times. Think about it, tossing a coin won't perfectly alternate between heads and tails. You'll get runs of heads and runs of tails.

I get it, you feel like "I've failed twice now, the next time MUST succeed!" However, each time you attempt to upgrade, you had a 40% chance to fail. Think about it; imagine you've just tossed 5 heads in a row. What's your chance of tossing a head the next time? It's still 1 in 2. The coin doesn't magically grow extra sides.

Or to put it another way, if it worked how you're saying, you could roll a group of 6 dice and get 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 each time. Each number "should" come up 1 in 6 times, so out of 6 rolls you should get one of each number. But obviously it doesn't work that way. It COULD happen, but in no way would you expect it. If you have 6 dice, roll them and see how often you get 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 in a group. Instead you get bunches of the same number, a load of 4s maybe. That's what happened to you, you got a bunch of 4s instead of a smooth 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.


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The computer does not roll a die or flip a coin. Blizzard could cheat the odds so why not complain? Losing four consecutive 60% upgrade happens on average once every fourty attempts. They could enforce that it does not happen if it already did in the 30 previous tries or remove it completely even keeping the 60% odd.