Now What?


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Now What?

Well i made a very good pvp plague javelin zon.... and i have 40 skills pts left.... i have many +skills and my dodge/avoid/evade is all around 55%, and my crit strike is 60%. Should i do max lightfury and cs for some hybrid versitality? i have posted 2 other threads on this forum regarding pvp javazon and no one answered... could anyone please help me?


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Lets look at the PROS and CONS

- very effective to those who have low lit resist
- you can still wear you shield (probably ss) so more resist, more dr, therefore a much bigger chance for survival
- its ranged
- can be used very well in PvM (for finding good items)

- somewhat easy to dodge
- very low damage against lit resist people

- very good damage if you max synergies
- many bolts hit
- you can wear your shield

- you dont have many skills left
- close range

- ranged
- guides and therefore easier to hit
- higher AR
- very effective

- very vulnerable due to no shield
- you need equipment for hybridzon
- blockable
- needs HIGH ias

- harder to hit
- easier to work with
- decoy and valk can absorb damage/distraction espcially vs bone spirit and FOH

- somewhat wasting skills
- uncontrollable

Hope that summary helps. You can choose between those. I recommend guided or LF because you dont have many skills left. Guided is simple and does the job well even if you dont have +skill.


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You're saying

-20 LF
-20 CS

(Just to tell you this strategy is the best PvM set up =) ) But in PvP it will be decent. However maxing pure CS synergies would have been much more powerful.

To make this build ultimate. You will require +skill items. You will also need high vit, a good shield (ss), and you should consider either charms or lightning facets.

The lightning fury will do approxiamately 1400 lit dmg NOT INCLUDING the javalin dmg.

The charged strike will do a bit more at about 1600 dmg per bolt not including javalin damage.

(They are NOT EXACT) this is an estimate. You decide if this is good.


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well i have lets see
shako- 2
Maras- 2
Eth titans- 4
BK ring- 1
Tgods- +3 LF
Enigma- 2
Trangs Gloves
War Travellers
CtA- Battecry- 1
Annihilus- 1
2 java charms- 2

So lvl 38 LF and lvl lvl 35 CS... do u think this is good enough?


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That's a good pvp set up. You might want to consider puting a lightning facet in the ss for additional damage.

If you are still having trouble beating other duelers you might want to restart your amazon. I'm pretty sure poison/plague javalin doesn't really help. You might want to make a new amazon with full CS synergies. I know the damage will at least triple.

Also you might have noticed that a lightning facets might me more viable than +skills. Since synergies don't work with skill overs 20, you might find that a headhunter's shield with 3 perf lightning facets will benefit you more than an ss.