Now this is creepy.. :)


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Now this is creepy.. :)

I was logging on to do some trades and the gaem took forever to connect to I went out to pick up the phone and when I came back to the computer it said that someone called "Theo" is using my Cd-Key.

Ok, that's a little weird in itself, but the weirdest thing is that I'm Theo, that's my name! :)
It might be that I've installed the game at some friend's place and writeen my name in the registration but I don't remeber that :).

That only happened once though, now I just have an ordinary realm down/ can't connect.



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That just happens sometimes when you get disconnected. Just wait for a few minutes and it will log you out and everything will be fine.


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sometimes it may take awhile to let you get back on...i usually just reboot computer and i am good to go


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If you're switching accounts, sometimes bnet gets really laggy and may think that you're still logged on, not letting another "you" log on as well.


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yeah that happend to me a few times

once it lasted for like 10 minutes D:

seems to just go away tho