Novelty build experiment


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Novelty build experiment

Ok, its a barbarian, with NO bo's or shout.

Just out of curiousity mainly.

Can you make a WW sword barb, without battle orders or shout, using only natural res, iron skin etc to make him tough enough to do hell, relying mainly on his rings and gloves etc for res, and leeching enough life and mana back to stay alive?

My theory being that if a paladin can zeal his way through hell without Bo's, and an amazon can dodge most of the attacks, why cant a barb do a similiar thing without relying too much on these girly boosted life levels :laugh:

(oh - thought i would also point out that i want alot of the secondary skills in this build so wont have the points spare for bo or shout hence preferably wont want them)


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Re: Novelty build experiment

Yes you can, i have done it before playing single player. It was several patches ago though so the overall difficulty may have been less. It was very tricky, more so considering i had junk equipment mainly. Oh and i didn't do it as a test, it was one of my first characters and i had originally put loads of points into taunt becuase it sounded wasn't so i assumed all warcries were useless and ignored them :laugh:

It really wouldn't be that tricky, IMO soloing the game with a barb is pretty easy even with low end equipment. No BO/shout makes things harder but it is still very doable, especially if you have good leeches and a decent damage weapon in which case it would not be hard at all.

Good luck!


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Re: Novelty build experiment

It would be challenging if you made a Titan without BO.
My non ladder Titan is up to 5xx str atm.


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Re: Novelty build experiment

Yes that would be a nice barb especially if you got shout/bo off another barb you would be very strong bva


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WW Titan

i have made titan's like warlock. so i'll discuss them, as they are the extreme of what u are asking about in your post, eagle. so this will answer a lot of your questions.
a ww titan (all or nearly all into str and NONE or nearly none into vitality) IS viable but dies very easily so u have to be extra careful and play and prepare a certain way to mitigate the one or few hit kills to your low life ww titan barb.

need to know points about a ww titan:

1. WILL die easily until u get to high levels which give u a decent amount of life from life per level up. since no or nearly no points are being put into vit for more life and no BO, you'll be VERY fragile until high character levels.

2. if your going with no defense, you ARE gonna get hit hard and lose lots of life.
3. this is for u eagle: if you are gonna do iron skin, its better to do shout instead cuz its better than iron skin in every way. more def and party friendly but has a duration unlike iron skin but it boasts the +1 skill's duration, forgot its name, battle command?.
4. the answer to this type of build (no life and no defense) is huge damage and huge damage weapon and long range weapon (range 4 or 5, could do 3, bonesnap weapon, but u really need more range for leeching and more monsters getting hit for faster crowd kills)(ancient axe at range 4 and no dex req. and looks awesome, since its an axe as barbs should use, if only it got the bonus vs demons like it does in LOD, is my favorite) and life and mana leech and *CONSTANTLY* in ww, otherwise u DIE.
for my offensive ww titan:

stats: ALL into str

skills: max ww, axe mast, nat res

about rest of skills:

1. battle cry is great to max and use. *the problem is using it.* very hard to get batle cry on monster crowds without dying as u cant stand there and cast battle cry on monsters as u got no life and no def. u could try to use leap or warcry (warcry has a very slow cast speed without FCR though, which is dangerous) for its stun. than try to cast battle cry than ww. but it is great when against a single monster like bosses. speeds up your killing greatly as you are hitting the mosnter more often and makes it safer for u as it reduces monsters damage as well.

1a. if u dont use battle cry and with no dex, you'll need a good source of AR. u'll need a weapon with high AR on it and rings with high AR on them, or otherwise u'll have to use angelics for the AR and have good mana leech and life leech from other gear and/or on your weapon.

1b. a safer method is using taunt instead of battle cry. taunt makes nearly all monsters into melee monsters which is good for u as ranged monsters are deadly for u. it reduces monster def and damage. only problem is it takes time to cast it on each monster slowing u down.

2. after u decide to go with battle cry/taunt or not (weighing its pros n cons), the rest of your skills should be to leap, warcry, battle cry, taunt, and/or increase speed (depending on what skills u already decided on and done and what u want/need).


0. this build of: all into str, no life, and no def: NEEDS life leech, mana leech, damaging weapon, AR, resists, and long range weapon.

1. ancient axe. range 4. no dex req. 2h. has good damage potential. your ancient axe NEEDS to be really good. u need high damage, AR, mana leech, life leech, and resists (if u can; optimal-godly mods) on your ancient axe.

2. rest of gear: damage, AR, life leech, and mana leech.

2a. damage (CB/OW) gear: CB rattle cage (also has flee which, though annoying, is also great for your fragile build as it keeps u much more safe), OW and life leech boneflesh, CB goblintoes, CB bonesnap weapon (but its range of 3 really hurts as u need as much life and mana leech as u can from longer range of 4 or 5), high damage lance or pole arm (de corbin whatever its called for best damage pole arm, as ww in classic doesnt care about weapon speed)(but u'll have to get dex from gear or waste stat pts into dex)(and put skil pts into that mast, spear or pole arm, instead of axe mast, doh). +max/min damage rings or other gear. any other gear i cant think of that gives CB or OW or +damage, whether its physical or elemental.

2b. AR gear: angelic rings and amulet (great AR but lose mana/life leech from rings, u'll have to get enough mana/life leech from other sources which can be hard or not enough), AR rings (with mana/life leech and +min/max damage and resists on them would be best for rings, if all that is possible), any other gear that gives AR.

2c. any gear that gives mana/life leech.

2d. any gear that gives resists


with pure str u'll have like 400-500+ str (depending on your character level and +str from gear) which gives u ~4-5x damage already. add to that ww's 1x and axe mast 's 1x gives u 6-7x your weapon damage....than add in a ~200-300 damage ancient axe and u got 1200-1800 (6x) or 1400-2100 (7x) damage PER ww range 4 hit!!!!!!! and thats not even applying the CB u do or if u get a critical from mast for 2x damage.... titans are sooooo fun! u'll get hit hard...but u hit hard too but with mana and life leech your hard hit gives u back huge life and mana to stay alive and keep on ww 'ing.

just BEWARE mana burn...which is common....grr...
the ww defensive titan:

if u guys want a guide on this, let me know.
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Re: Novelty build experiment

sorry warlock my edit ran out...

clearing up the damage part in the conclusion segment of my above post (NOT including getting a critical from weapon mast):

1. 1200 per ww hit with a 200 damage weapon at 6x to your weapon damage
2. 1800 per ww hit with a 300 damage weapon at 6x to your weapon damage
3. 1400 per ww hit with a 200 damage weapon at 7x to your weapon damage
4. 2100 per ww hit with a 300 damage weapon at 7x to your weapon damage

the power and fun of a ww titan build:D