Nova - Viable?


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Nova - Viable?

I have decided to being a sorceress to farm Mephisto/Pindle to get items for my first set of characters, but I want to have a back-up skill in order to deal with immunes, as she will be relatively untweaked (unless I scrounge some stuff of the giveaway thread for her).

I recently made an all Fire Sorceress on with my friends and she was quite affective (10k Fireball, 20k Meteor) but she was built to run 2 areas. So now I want a character more versatile. I also used Chain Lightning before and it was quite a letdown. So here is the meat of the question, it Nova a viable back-up skill, or would the damage be so low I'd be better of letting my merc kill the monsters?



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I use a blizzard sorc for my meph and pindle runs. Once synergized you can kill most hell monsters on lower difficulty (players 3 and down) easily naked :)
My sorc can kill pindle in one blizzard with 600-700 MF equiped. She has got me the most items.


edit** - You dont really need a back up skill for running meph and pindle If he spawns cold immune just make a new game. Meph is really easy with blizzard :)

If you want to have a sorc that can handle more SP questing then go fireball and blizzard. Nova is quite a week skill. I cant remember who made an all nova sorc here but I know there was someone...Dangit bad memory. Well it had problems killing monsters in hell.


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Not sure about Nova my self but Frozen orb is a good back up skill to use. One of the more common sorc builds around is meteor/frozen orb.

My sorc isn't fully equiped right now so these figures will be a bit low. She has a 4.5k meteor 2k fireball could be higher but I put more points in cold mastery then I should of since I use frozen orb more then meteor.

Ok fully equiped she has a 7k meteor 3k fireball 450 per shard frozen orb/-135% cold resist and 400% mf. But she is wearing full tals set I could get her higher mf if she wasn't but have lower damage.


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I think it was rizzo or uzziah, can't remember which, but that was with frost nova. I think the nova skills can be affective if you have enough mana, they are easy to use because you don't have to aim them, and you can spam them really fast with good fcr. but to use nova you probably want to max lightning mastery and nova, It may not be worth it to use those points.


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Viable? Yes. Easy? No.

Think of it like a Barb spamming warcy, but without the stun to save you. You'll frequently run out of mana and it takes a few shots, but it will kill.
As lilial said, its pretty much the same as war cry, but without stun (and slightly bigger range). If you use shiver armour thwen that will help alot against melee, or just use ES and be safe from most things if you can manage to get the lvl 40 ES. I'd say frost nova is better, with maxed CM you just have to keep on TP'ing to packs, and TPing out if they get too close and you should be fine.


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Nova, According to the well loved TUB (may he rest in Bannation) Nova sorcs are easy and can get to clvl 99 in nothing flat. :)

According to the rest of us, nova sorcs are playable, viable, and extremely time consuming as they are a harder build to play. their biggest problem is that they cost so dang much mana to spam cast nova, and as they increase the mana usage increases.

Mixing nova and frost nova would be a cool build but you would want to have lots of mana and FCR to play with, its all a matter of keeping yourself filled with mana. May I suggest:

20 Nova
20 lightning mastery
20 Frost Nova
7 cold mastery
20 warmth
1 each needed prereq and utility skills

Rizzo made the nova sorc IIRC, It surely wasn't me :) (not my style).


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With the optimal gear it would be an effective skill but since your character is actually aimed to *find* that gear I would say that don't use nova. The all popular meteor/fireball/frozen orb sorc would just be ideal for your purposes. :)



1.10 screwed the nova sorc... it has no synergies and costs too much mana.
To make a nova sorc viable in 1.10 you have to get a lot of uber equipment first. So it won't work for you since you are untwinked.
But fear not young padwan! You already have experience with fire sorc! So take out the fire bolt synergy and put points in Frozen Orb instead to kill fire immunes! It works untwinked and you can every monster you want!
Good luck
And may the Force be with you!