Nova sorc?


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Nova sorc?

Has anyone tried a nova sorc as of late and tested its viability in hell as a PVMER. I could list some gear i would use, but if i go with this build i would probably run nova with FO as back up? Or something to that effect. If anyone has tried this or can give input on this itd be great, i want to try to play a fun effective sorc thats not that cookie cutter at the same time. Also if you have a fun effective noncookie cutter build please dont be shy to share, as long as it can hold its on even in hell mode.

thanks for the time and inputs.


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I haven't tried a nova sorc.

But I have a pure lightning sorc (well - 1 point in warmth but anyway...) with near maxed nova (3 more levels to go!) with decent gear (light eschuta, +2 amu, shako, 2 soj, viper, arachnid, lidless, anni, CtA, 6 skillers = +20 skills)

Though I've spent points into nova "only" for the synergy I've tried how it works as well. And it don't work very well (compared to lightning/chain lightning/charged bolt). It drains mana quickly and you have to be pretty close to the monster for nova to hit. Don't get me wrong - it CAN work, it will just be hard :eek:

As for a non-cookie cutter how about a hydra sorc, enchantress or a tri-elementarist?


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I recently came back from 09 and made a nova sorc.

War Travs

Typical basic sorc gear. It does terrible in hell. So I invested points into chain lighting b/c nova synergies with that. And CL is much better.

The damage of the Nova is just too small, even with a HF merc (essentially Frost Nova) you can't do much in A5 Hell.

Epsilon Eyez

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Nova sorcs pretty much lose all effectiveness around early Hell, from what I've experimented with. You can make it work in Hell, but its very hard and requires super elite gears. Its hard to get max FCR and wicked damage with Nova, while somehow having enough mana to compare to other sorcs, just plain blasting spells to no end. I can't imagine Insight helping out all that much.


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darn i see, thanks for the heads up on that, this is doodle i was accidently on my friends acct cause he was over. Hmm about the hydra sorc, is hydra effective damage wise in hell, well for one isnt there alot of fire immune? I have also read that hydra dmg sucks, but if some one can tell me there successful hydra build i may be inclined to make something similiar.


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My advice would be not to bother unless you have access to the Insight runeword, and very high end gear.


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tayzer said:
insight i can get my hands on, and what would the expensive gear consist of?
I'm on the verge of completing my experimental INFINITY-NOVA sorc build (a variant of the INFINITY Charged Boltress build by Aenois If I can somehow make this sorc effective in both PvP and PvM I'll tell you what exactly I'm using, since this sorc build relies and depends on nova as its primary fighting skill.


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You can't put nova on your left click right? So its gonna be a little harder with teleporting and nova like with pure lightnings you have cL or L on left and tele on right

Just kinda a stupid comment :lol:


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Max telek
Max nova
Max Thunderstorm
Max mastery
1 into warmth
rest into es

infinity voulge
upped vmagi, or perf lite es/ts/nova ormus
griffs shako, or a 3+ circ with fcr
maras, or a rare ammy
2 sojs
frosties for mana, or trangs for fcr
on switch use 6bo cta+ lidless (monarch has way too much str req)


enough str for treks, with anni/torch/maras should be base str
no dex
80-100 into vit, depending if the gcs yo use are lifers
rest into energy.