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Nova/Blizzard build your thoughts

Discussion in 'Sorceress' started by BKC, Oct 7, 2010.

  1. BKC

    BKC Diabloii.Net Member

    Sep 13, 2008
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    Nova/Blizzard build your thoughts

    Edit thanks Stephan for pointing out some mistakes and flaws i made!

    Hello all,

    i have played an orb-it-aller to great success last season but i want a change from the "usual" builds and i was playing around with the calculator and i came up with a build that emphasises on Blizzard with a backup by Nova. i consider this build done at level 85 with all quests done (which gives me 97 skill points to spent the hard way! Keep in mind that i want to MF with her!!!

    the following gear will boost my skills by another wooping 11 points!

    +6 from full tals set
    +2 from spirit shield
    +3 from torch
    +1 from anni
    = +12 skill points. (add a CTA+spirit if your rich btw! which will give you an extra point from BC).

    The skills invested will look like this:
    20 nova
    8 Lightning Mastery
    20 blizzard
    20 ice blast
    20 glacial spike
    1 ice bolt
    1 cold master
    1 shiver armor
    1 warmth*
    1 teleport
    1 telekinesis
    1 static
    1 frozen armor*
    1 shiver armor*

    *points in frozen and shiver armor can be dodged by using +skill staffs but they can be very hard to come by! Points in Warmth can be spared by using a merc with an insight polearm!

    This will give me the following damage numbers:
    Blizzard 3614-3792
    Nova 845-1134
    Cold Mastery 75%
    Lightning Mastery +266%

    Str: 156 (not counting +str from gear or charms!)
    Dex: as little as possible !
    Vita: Rest
    Energy: None

    Basicly you kill all with blizzard apart from the cold immunes which you will blast away with Nova!

    The pro's that i found:
    1. This baby can run every single boss (including Baal),
    2. She can run CS (only OK are CI there! apart from the 3 super unique bosses!)
    3. The Talrasha set combined with rare/crafted rings can give you enough FCR (if i counted it correctly) to make nova work!
    4. You can MF the level 85 areas with her (dual damage will make sure of that!)
    5. Tals orb has some nice -enemy lightning resistance which always helps (doesnt break immunities)

    the Con's:
    1. You need to get close to the cold immunes to kill them
    2. Heavy str investments will nerf your health globe and you got no way to make ES (really) work!!
    3. Double immunes are for your merc!
    4. i am not 100% sure the 20 nova and 19 lightning will be enough to make nova shine!)

    Let me know what you guys think about it!

    Last edited: Oct 7, 2010
  2. stephan

    stephan Diabloii.Net Member

    Nov 22, 2006
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    Re: Nova/Blizzard build your thoughts

    A few comments...

    There are some things here I'm not sure you are misunderstanding or are just poorly worded.

    you mean Lightning Mastery?
    It has -enemy lighting resistance, which doesn't break immunities.

    Then some mistakes:
    Full Tals gives +6, not 5 (3 full set, 2 ammy, 1 orb)
    Nova uses the normal FCR breakpoints (not the ones from Lightning/CL), so assuming you have a 35FCR Spirit, you won't need fcr rings.

    Then some advice:

    1. You can't get max block:

    - Max block with a spirit requires 319 dex on level 85. Assuming perfect anni and torch you have to spend around 350 points equiping the spirit and getting max block which leaves about 85 points for vita. Meaning anything that does hit you is going to kill you.

    - Sorceresses block slow and even more so with a Spirit. You can't block and cast Nova at the same time. So eventually you are not going to kill anything and 75% block is only going to keep you safe for that long.

    2. Max Lightning Mastery. The only way to keep safe while casting Nova with this setup is having your Nova putting the monsters in hit recovery. Your damage is currently not high enough for that.

    3. Read this ->
  3. BKC

    BKC Diabloii.Net Member

    Sep 13, 2008
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    Re: Nova/Blizzard build your thoughts

    Hi Stephan,

    thank you for the update i couldnt find that build (i searched for it but i guess in the wrong forums :)) anyways that seems a lot more viable then any of the calculations i made!

    As for lightning Mastery with the skills from items it will reach 20 but i guess you want those on top of the already maxed skill for maximal damage?

  4. zrk

    zrk Diabloii.Net Member

    Dec 22, 2003
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    Re: Nova/Blizzard build your thoughts

    Another similar build is blizz/orb/frost nova. i did that one, even clears p8 chaos pretty fast, heres an idea,

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