Notable Season 11 momments / things I got


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With season 11 ending soon. Here is a list of notable things I got.

Lets start with the obvious.
-The treasure goblin Icon
-The green Dragon Pet
-The witch Doctor Helltooth Set which is amazing if I do say so myself!

Game Plan.
I plan on creating A build centered around "Grasp Of the Dead"
-Using the Rune "Unbreakable Grasp".
The Most important effect of this rune is remove the mana cost from "Grasp of the dead". It also give a 80% bonus to slowing down enemies
-I will use the Ceremonial Knife, Deadly Rebirth,
which gives a 45-60%, and it has a legendary effect which says Grasp Of The Dead Gains the "Rain Of Corpses" rune . This rune causes Copses to fall on anything in the range of "Grasp of Dead", and does a decent amount of damage to them!
-I will also use the Off Hand Mojo, Wilkin's Reach,
Which once again gives Grasp of the dead a 45-60% damage bonus to Grasp Of the Dead! It has an incredible legendary effect which says Grasp Of The Dead no longer has a cooldown! This means I can Spam the hell out of it Everywhere!
-I will be using the Helltooth Set,
which has a few notable effects like "Enemies hit by your primary skills such as "Grasp of The Dead" will gain Nicrosis and will become slowed taking 1500% weapon damage each second, and taking 20% increased damage!
You also take 60% less damage after Nicrosis is applied to an enemy
Finally, If you complete the set, You get a set bonuses that states that if you cast wall of Death, all your primary abilities (SUch as "Grasp of the Dead") do 1400% damage.

I will build this set on my Main Witch doctor! Overall. Considering stats, I think I will be able to run somewhere around Torment 8-11

Other notable items
-ThunderFury!!!! I got this in the Act 5 Guild dungeon. Sadly, it is a level 68 requirement. I attempted to reforge it to try to Make the stats good for a level 70, but it was still level 68.
-Gem of Eeas!
-Bovine's Barricade - lets go to the "not the cow level"
-Pauldren's of the Skeleton King
- The skeleton King's hammer thing. Im drawing a blank on what it is called though!

so I have had a really nice Season!!!


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congrats. Sounds like you are happy with how the season turned out.