Not the SPF I knew

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Times have changed here and not for the better.

The SPF was odd builds, insane numbers of Guardians, naked Guardians, odd tournaments not hacking, duping and cracked game code.

We used to push the envelope to do weird stuff, now we just seem to want to abuse the game code to do things which were not intended.

For example the recent little gag of bringing early version stuff into a specific version to make "impossible" items. Why don't you just hack the item; it has the same result. This isn't an "oops we didn't know" like the ATMA bug, this is deliberate abuse. This forum has never been the place for that.

A PM about posting links to a hacked/cracked beta ... are you seriously asking to post cracked/copyrighted software on the forum? Seriously? Our relationship with Blizzard was decent because we were one of the few forums who didn't allow that sort of stuff.

When did the SPF start to think like this? I know the game is old, lots have been done but there has to be something more than that.

Please find something more interesting than abusing the game code. I know a lot of people have moved on ... that's time. You Tube videos and Reddit are more preferable to forums for most. But if we're not going to be the SPF .. the legitimate nuts ... then what makes us different from any other forum.
Not open for further replies.