Not sure what to do with my barb


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Not sure what to do with my barb

Well I never played with one and I am at level 8. I only used one point so far so i am just not sure what I should do with the other 8..

Should I just put a point or two into a single weapon and then just pump up other stuff. I am just not sure on what to do.... Anyone have any tips??
You could just go for the easy ww variant, dex for 75% block (upkeep is 2 pts per lvl once you get it to 75) str for gear, rest vit, Skill points is max ww, 1 pt conc/zerk, max bo/shout/wep mastery, 1 in nat res/in cpeed, rest in shout.


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Ok here's a little tip in the form of a story.

A friend and myself decided to build Wind Druids this time round. Now early on, skill points are abundant and get saved. My friend decided that they "needed" to invest in some skills, skills that didn't fit the build but would help there and then. Which it did for them. I didn't and did the grunt work of leveling that way.

Now in hell my druid kicks butt, theirs' is definitly not as good.

What you need to do is decide what kind of barb you want to play and then stick to a game plan to achieve it.
Yeah for sure, make sure you plan out your gear and what stats you need, just so you don't over pump dex/str just for using while low level.


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you can put 1 pt in many skills, as they are pre-reqs for other skills anyway:

bash for almost everything
leap, leap attack, conc, stun, bash for ww
bash, stun, conc, for zerk
double swing, double throw for frenzy
same for war crys.

the problem is, without planning, some people are tempted to put in more points into skills that are helpful at low levels but not their main attack at higher levels. synergizes lessens the blow in some cases, but not many.

my advice, if you are a new player, is to put those points into sword mastery, and then put a point into everything as it becomes available (for almost all clases, lvl 6, 12, 18, 24, or 30.) battle orders also is universally used, so 20 there won't hurt. most barb builds also use +5 natural resist.

other than your wep mastery, nat res, and BO, all other points need to be considered.