not satisfied ...


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not satisfied ...

for some reason i can never get satisfied with my bowazon.

without gear with gear
str: 115 167
dex: 342 404
vit: 50 110
energy: 15 25

Kiras Tiara w/ 39%enhanced damage jewel
Lionheart locirated mail
Venom grip
Marrow walk
Carrion wind and natures peace ring
Cats eye amulet
Windforce w/ 39%enhanced damage jewel

resist: 50%+ to all

Multishot 13
Guided 20
Valk 8
Critical 8
aviod 5
penetrate 20
17 spare skill points

guided attack damage - 300-3600 /
ms - 260-2400

offensive nightmare level 76

what gear can i replace? and what should i use my skill points on?


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This is totally non-creative, but I'd go with FA and pump up your Valk with decoy to draw fire and synergize her....


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i'd agreee with jonbendale about the fire arrow and valk.. valk's too good sometimes helps keep my bowzon alive (she has around 500 life but can do about 7k guided with might merc lots of poison no 290's )

ias ias ias and more ias.. shoot for at least 90% total on gear. crafted blood gloves(since you got a wf) are a good way to go on that... p.ruby/nef/magical heavy,sharkskin,vampirebone gloves/jewel in the cube

also if you got enough ias from gear, consider using an atma's ammy too the amp damage does wonders :)


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I'd upgrade those Venom Grips to a Laying of Hands, Verdungo's for Razortail and Cat's Eye for Atma's. Those three right there will dramatically improve performance in PvM.

I'd also shoot for more ias where you can. Re-socket that WF with a does enough damage by itself, along with added damage from your pumped up dex. Speed = performance for most Bowazons.

hope this helps,



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ok i got all those equipment and ill change the staright away !! ... but is it really neccessary for me to have a higher level valk? the valk seems to be doing fine in hell. what about leech? can i change anything to have a higher leech?

and does Hel + book of TP + socketed item = unsocketed item (destroying the socketed thing)


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sKr|bLeZ~ said:
and does Hel + book of TP + socketed item = unsocketed item (destroying the socketed thing)

Hel + Scroll of Town Portal + Socketed Item = Remove gems/jewels/runes from sockets and destroy them.


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Skr - The reason ,ost folks reccomend a lvl 17 Valk is not only because she's an awesome tank, but at lvl 17, she gets an item upgrade and she starts dishing out the damage almost as good as she gets it. So she's not only a tank, but also a damage dealer, which is always good. It's like having 2 mercs...and best part is, you don't have to spend 17 skill points...if you have + skills, Valkyrie benefits fully from every point.