Not Quite Dead Yet! - Alphabet Tourney Rezzed (maybe, hopefully).


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Wow, has it seriously been 3 years since I started this tourney? Life is just too friggin' short to fit everything in!

Anyway, I'm back to D2 again, and had a look at my old tourney, and it still seems interesting to me. So I'd like to fire it up again. Nothing has really changed since the tourney 3 years ago - I just copied and pasted the Intro and the Rules. I did take the liberty of making a new post instead of just posting to the old thread because... well... it's been 3 friggin' years.

I'm eager to give this a try again - hope some others will get enthused about it and give it a try as well!

The Gods looked down upon Bart, the Broadaxe-wielding Bash/Battle Cry Barbarian and considered his fate.
"He is my Champion. Strong he is, and pure of heart" said Talon, the God of Strength.
Xara, the Goddess of Chaos, stifled a yawn. "That he may be - but let's see if he can handle this..."

General Rules
1. HC or SC - IF you play SC, you are out of the tourney after your first death.
2. You can re-enter the tourney with a different character as many times as you like.
3. NOT single pass - rerun as much as you like.
4. FAM allowed, ATMA/GoMule allowed only as extended stash. You should probably start a new stash dedicated to your tourney character, and don't use it for anything else.
5. Any /players settings are allowed, and you can change it as you like.
6. You don't have to complete all quests or get all waypoints.
7. No MP. This is the SPF, after all.
8. Any version that includes LoD.
9. No twinking or trading allowed. You can't mule anything onto your character, except stuff in your extended stash that your character previously found/bought/gambled and muled to the stash.
10. Respec is allowed.

Tourney Specific Rules
1. Any skills you pump past Skill Level 1 must have a skill name that starts with a DIFFERENT LETTER than any other skill that you pump past Skill Level 1. For example, if you have a Sorceress with Fireball level 20, you may not pump Fire Mastery beyond Skill Level 1. Merc skills are irrelavant, and need not be considered.
2. All items equipped on your character and on your merc must have a name that starts with a DIFFERENT LETTER than any other item you or your merc equip. For example, if you are wearing a Dragon's Ring of ____, you (or your Merc) may not carry a Deadly Longsword of _____. Only the first letter of the item name matters.
3. Runeword items are considered to have 2 names, and thus each use up 2 letters - the item name proper as well as the rune string that creates that item. For example, if you create an Enigma, the letters E (for Enigma) and J (for Jah rune, which is the first rune for an Enigma) are both used. You may not use a runeword item if both of it's names start with the same letter. For example, Beast is disallowed because it's first rune is Ber.
Note that this rule ONLY applies to runewords - not all socketed items. For example, it is permissable to put a Shael rune in a socketed Sharp Claymore so long as it doesn't create a runeword item.
4. Consumable items are exempt (potions, scrolls, arrows, bolts, etc.)
5. Quest items are also exempt.
6. Note that personalizing an item via Anya's quest will change the first letter of that item's name. Wise players will consider this when naming their characters.
7. Charms are NOT exempt. If you pick up a charm and ID it and find that it violates the rules, you must either unequip the conflicting item, or immediately go back to town and stash or sell the offending the charm.
8. The 'first letter' restrictions of skills and items are mutually exclusive. Skills and items are totally separate for this purpose. For example, it is permissable for a Paladin with 20 levels of Sacrifice skill to wear a Serpent's Ring (not that he would want to).
9. The most important rule of all.... HAVE FUN! That's what these tourneys are all about, right? Put some thought into your character and your equipment, challenge yourself, and have a good time!


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Cool concept !!! Good luck :).

One question: what about set and unique items? For example Duskdeep Full Helm. Does that count as starting with a 'D' or with a 'F'? I'd assume the former, seeing as how runewords don't take the base item into account?

O yes, I'm tempted to join this one, seems really fun. But then again, I probably won't :(. I still have another tournament character stalled in NM somewhere, I started a Sept which needs more attention, and I'm starting to feel the itch to go play GD as well, so ... not really enough time to join this I'm afraid.


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So I've been playing this in tiny fits and spurts. My character is a Werebear. He's currently only level 8. Tonite I killed Bloodraven on P8 (wasn't a problem, since I was already level 7 with a halfway decent weapon for my level - a 2 socketed Large Axe with 2 chippie Topaz in it - before I got that axe I was playing on P5).

My plan for skills is pretty simple - single tree. Lycanthropy/Werebear/Maul/Shockwave. I've played Werebears in the past but never actually got Shockwave. Looking forward to getting that far and trying it out.

Nothing to report item-wise - pretty basic shit. I have found it to be a challenge juggling items to meet the Alphabet rules. I think the rules are especially difficult to manage at low level - at higher level I won't be replacing gear nearly as often.

A word about the rules - they are not completely inviolate. I have already had two or three instances when I checked my inventory and found my items to be violation of the rules. I changed it as soon as I noticed it.

Frankly, given the fact that D2 auto-equips, this is likely to happen to any player at low level. It might even happen at higher level if you don't pay close enough attention. Don't worry about it. It doesn't mean your character is no longer valid. If you find you are, unintentionally, in violation of the rules, it's okay, no biggie. However, as soon you discover you are in violation, it is your responsibility to correct it immediately. Note that this does not provide license to cheat... it is only if you are UNINTENTIONALLY in violation of the rules.

Ok then - Forward on all fronts!


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Level 10 now. Went through the mausoleum and the crypts, and went back and cleared the cave. About to restart the game and rerun the mausoleum and crypts for the sparkly chests (and the champions).

My Bear is fun, but a bit boring. Thinking about throwing in a summoning or elemental skill into the mix. After all, I will only be maxing 4 skills for my Bear, then he's complete, skill-wise. Had to put 1 point in Werewolf at start, but that's only 81 total skill points to max my Bear. I could pick up 1 more skill. And having something to use actively would make my build a lot less boring and a lot more engaging.

Any suggestions? The skills I'll be pumping are Lycanthropy, Werebear, Maul, and Shockwave, so the new skill can't start with L, W, M, or S.


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This tourney has given me inspiration! Anybody ever play Scattegories? Basically you get more points for a name with multiple words starting with the same letter.

Although, in 1.13 this becomes 'of the Colossus'. Minus (-1) point. :(
Gaean Griffon Headdress of the Colossus
Defense: 50
Durability: 18 of 20
(Druid Only)
Required Strength: 50
Required Level: 67
Item Version: Expansion
Item Level: 99
Fingerprint: 0x474ceba
+44 to Life
+3 to Elemental Skills (Druid Only)


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Nice going !!!

As 5th skill I would max Heart of Wolverine. More damage and AR !!! It won't change your gameplay though. But Werebears feel slow early on, since they rely completely on weapon attack speed, and it's hard to come by a decent weapon early on. Things will start to feel better once you are hitting at high speeds.

Other options would be Poison Creeper (not really strong at later stages, but far stronger than the skill damage numbers imply, and a lot of fun) and ... well nothing else I can think of. Having a Bear or Dire Wolves out would be useful, but since that starts with an 'S' (Summon), they are both out. Other skills require synergies to make them worth.


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Diablo2inDC - Well if it gave you inspiration, join up! ;) C'mon - you know you want to...

T72on1 - IIRC Heart of Wolverine is passive... not what I'm looking for.

Poison Creeper - hmm, that could be a good idea. I wonder how good it can be if maxed out - its probably not a skill most players would ever max...

Okay, I like it. Poison Creeper it is. I don't know if I'll get high enough level to max it, but I'm going to devote some points to it and see how good it is. I've always liked the graphics of it (never spent more than a point in it though).

And hey... join up!!!

If even a couple other peeps join up I'll make a table. Seems kinda lame to make a table for just me, so I'll hold off on that.


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Poison Creeper is sometimes maxed by Wolf Druids as a synergy, particularly those trying to specialize in Rabies; while sometimes Fury focused Druids pick up Rabies I don't think it's as common for them to go the extra step in grab Poison Creeper as well. But hey, every skill has to have its niche, right?

They're definitely quite interesting in the early game in any case.


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I died yesterday in the Old Gods of Chaos Tournament, but I'm still on a D2 kick, so I think I'll give this one a go. I haven't done much with trappers, so I think I'll go that route. Enter Zabrina the trap assassin :)


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And in other news...

My fargin' deeds will be remembered!

3rd level of Countess tower. I got myself into a corner almost as soon as I entered the level, and got surrounded by spear-wielding chicks (dark rangers?? - don't remember their names). They surrounded me, with a champ, and of course bear-form wore off right then. I watched my health go from about 90% to less than 50% to next to nothing in less than 2 seconds. Couldn't get out, couldn't suck down potions fast enough.... Grrrr! Why, oh why, do I have to suck at HC and tourneys???



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Sorry to hear that Sid!

So about the whole "G" versus "H" thing...I'm almost finished with Act 1, and have two pieces of "Gemmed" gear. I know the rules say that if you didn't know, then it's not a big deal, but I've had these two pieces for about half of the act. Should I start over?


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Nah, no need to start over. Just get rid of one of the offending pieces ASAP and keep going.


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Will do. Thanks for the clarification. I expect to be well into Act 2 this evening - this is a really nice break from the major gear restrictions of the old gods of chaos tournament


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Condolences Sid :(. And good luck on the rebuild. There will be a rebuild, or other entry, right? ;)


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Yep, absolutely. Not giving up that easy. Started a new character the next night, after a few shots of JD Fire for motivation :)

Meet Xeena, the Amazon. Fire archer (Fire Arrow, Exploding Arrow, Immolation Arrow). Very short tree, which leaves plenty of room for passives. So far I have 8 in Fire Arrow, 2 in Critical Strike, and 1 in Dodge. It's been slow going, cuz my bow sucks. 2 socketed Hunters Bow, with a Ruby and an Emerald. Total crap. Not exactly a Kuko or Hellrack.

I might eventually go for Valk, but, really, I doubt it. I'll just try to max my 3 fire archer skills, and put the rest in Crit Strike and other passives.

Been fun so far, but too challenging due to lack of damage. I desperately need a better bow. Blood Raven was a total bitch. Had to kite, kill mobs, pick up pots, drink pots, and shoot her a few shots... then do it again. I've been on /p8 the whole time.

Might start gambling soon for a bow. I usually dont gamble this early, but I really don't want to go less than p8 with a ranged character, and my current damage is crap. Once I get a good bow, I'll be in business, I think.

Of course, I'm always optimistic and have big plans for my character, and then end up dying early... so we'll see.


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Wrong thread for this, but please bear with me...

Where in the sam-hell are my D2 screen-shots located on a Win10 computer? Can't find 'em...


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>this is a really nice break from the major gear restrictions of the old gods of chaos tournament

Huh, really? I find the gear restrictions to be pretty limiting, especially with a merc. Although I haven't looked at the Old Gods tourney... gonna check it out now.