Not good with pallies,please help me out


Not good with pallies,please help me out

I hate hammerdins, I love fury so I don't want zeal, I hate smiters but I want a new mfer as my sorc gets stuck sometimes. That and she seems to have a curse where she can't find anything even with 450 mf.

And I'm damn lazy when it comes to mfing.

So auradins seem to be a good fit for me. I just want to walk through a level and what everything die due to shiny.

What gear can I use to combine mf with efficiency in pvm?

I figure dream shield and helm and enigma to teleport.

And then I'm stumped.

Should I have zeal back-up? Or another attack?

What aura should I be running? Conviction? Or should I get an infinity merc to do that for me?

Thanks in advance:thumbsup:


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I would do something like this:

dream shield
dream helm
cresent moon
other items is for mf

res light
holy shield
conviction (use as main aura)
1 pt vengeance, usually use zeal and vengeace is for backup, I did something like that (no mf tho) and I could zeal my way through the chaos sanctuary, without getting killed by iron maiden..