Nostalgia of characters passed


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Nostalgia of characters passed

Well today seeing the gross class imbalance in pvp got me thinking of my old barb from 09 whom 1.10 nerfed into retirement.

This was the last character i made in 09. My titan barb. If 1.10 hadnt come out it may have been my last character ever. He was intended as my last hurrah. the best part of him was his weapon. A cruel Warpike of quickness 288% double shaeled. This weapon is a piece of forum history. It was once owned by Jimmycongo if any of you remember him

He was an absolute monster! Cows died in a single whirl. i could zerk a cow to death in 1 hit. Even without a merc i hit 10,000 damage with zerk (and this was 09!).

ahhhh memories...

Sadly 1.10 killed him. The huge increases in monster life meant that even his monstrous damage wasnt good enough and his low life meant that he had trouble with keeping alive. His once adequate mana leech was no longer letting him whirl continuously. Worst of all (even though i would probably NEVER consider selling it) the glorious pike was rendered worthless by blizzards legalized ith, BoTD. :rant: :rant: :rant: I still wanna burn down blizzard for that!

Ok now its your turn to share your memories of characters you once played, but have since retired due to blizzard nerfs playing ladder or hc deaths (R.I.P.)


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I think it would have to be one of my last s/s barbs.

Not so much for his build, or his strength or anything like that.. but moreso from the people I gamed with. I remember one guy in particular had a bowazon and we just randomly met in an A2 'Get Staff' game in .09. We all got the staff & everyone left except us. Me and that one guy just stayed in the game and played through from A2 to A5, no rush.. just straight through every quest.

What made me laugh was that as soon as we got through and killed Baal, someone joined and went "Hey, can you guys give me a rush?" We pretty much just burst out laughing to the poor guys dismay but I gotta admit, that was probably one of THE single most enjoyable games I can remember being involved in since I started playing on the realms.

That was when I was on USWest and, unfortunately, after 1.10 every single person that I played with seemed to literally just disappear. After mucking around there for a few months after the new patch with no sign of any of my old comrades, I hopped on over to USEast and started meeting cool new peeps all over again. :)

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Our poor level 99 Firewall Sorcs :(

They used to be able to flatten everything, now they're absolute wimps that can't really do anything anymore :(


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Nova sorcs.

Man, spamming that thing was fun. Watching the Cows fall around your feet as lightning splayed forth from your feet was one of my bets memories of 1.09.

And now, they just suck.


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th5418 said:
Poor poor barbarians. :( I bid them goodbye. The reign of the spellcasters has come...
No! Well.. okay, while it may be true.. I'm not giving up on my LS spearie.

Granted she's dancing through A5 NM.. I'm wondering how she'll hold up in Hell.. grr.

I should probably stop slacking and find her that Kraken Shell.


my avenger pally.. snif snif...

the sorcs would flock to his boots to kiss his dirty shoe when he would tank a whole cow lvl once

now his green aura does nothing but give me gas while I hack away forever on quill rats....