Normal/Exceptional Set Project


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Goal: - play through the game with every set.

I started this project right after my restart. I was in lurk mode at that time, so I never bothered making a thread about it. Now that I'm working on the Mūríos Project, I like having threads to track the progress of all my characters. I'm well underway already. Here is my original post in @dterry's "Color of Money" thread. Also wanted to give a shout out to @ioupainmax for the nice analysis of builds suitable for each of the exceptional sets, found here. ;)

Name:               Class:              Build:              Level:
---------------     --------            --------------      -----
Angelic             Sorceress           MeteOrb             1
Arcanna             Sorceress           Blizz-Baller        78
Arctic              Amazon              Frost Maiden        80
Cathan              Assassin            MB-Trapper          78
Cleglaw             Druid               Rabies-geddon       79
Death               Barbarian           Frenzy/DS           78
Infernal            Necromancer         Fishymancer         79
Isenhart            Paladin             Tesla-Froster       78
Milabrega           Paladin             Hammerdin           78
Sigon               Amazon              Poison Jav          78
Tancred             Necromancer         Poisonmancer        79
Vidala              Amazon              Immo Arrow          80
Name:               Class:              Build:              Level:
---------------     --------            --------------      -----
Bul-Kathos          Barbarian           Frenzy              85
König               Barbarian           Immortal King       90
Tal-Rasha           Sorceress           Lite-Baller         85
Mavina              Amazon              Magezon             85
Natalya             Assassin            Phoenix Striker     85
In Progress:
Name:               Class:              Build:              Level:
---------------     --------            --------------      -----
Berserker           Barbarian           Berserker's Arsenal 77
Griswold            Paladin             Griswold's Legacy   42
Civerb              Druid               Civerb's Vestments  31
Aldur               Druid               Aldur's Watchtower  18
Disciple - Amazon, Druid
Heavens - Pally, Sorc
Hwanin - Druid
Naj - Sorc, Necro
Orphans Amazon, Pally
Sander - Necro, Sin
Sazabi - Barb, Pally
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Matriarch Tal-Rasha (lvl 85)
Hmm.. Can't find a screen grab at the moment. I'll just get a new one if I have to.. She was my 1.13/1.14 LK runner (hopefully I never do LK runs again). She has a stable Monarch rack 1 TP away from waypoint. Allowed me to roll many many many 'Spirit' shields. I don't really remember much from her gameplay. Kind of a glass cannon IIRC, Lightning/FB hybrid. Killed things nicely, but she (and merc) weren't that sturdy.
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Bul-Kathos (lvl 66) - A5 Nightmare
Started this guy a looong time ago, and parked him ~lvl 60. I only had 1 piece of the set at the time. He was forgotten for ages, but now I'm picking him back up where he was left off. Still don't have much of a plan/build made up yet. Just 2x Bul-Kathos, and swing away with Frenzy. :D

Any suggestions for Frenzy build? Other gear?

Edit: o_Oo_Oo_O
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Bul-Kathos (lvl 79) - A4 Hell
For many many battles together, his companion Durga kept commenting to Bul-Kathos "you don't have BO". He always thought to himself: Wow, despite this constant frenzied exertion, I still smell nice! Once he attained level 77 and equipped his new Conqueror Crown, Bul-Kathos realized what his friend was referring to.. The additional +60% life helped them both considerably. :D
He has been a nice break from some of the under powered builds that I've been playing. It's not like BK is so strong, but he handles p1-3 pretty easily. I saw how fast he was gaining levels at p3, and I don't really want him to level past 85. So, I've been running p1 and cruising through the acts. PIs weren't even a problem in A1, he just frenzied them away. A2 they got a bit stronger, so I gave him a 'Kingslayer' and he hasn't had any problems since.


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Patriarch Bul-Kathos (lvl 81)
20 Sword Mastery
20 Double Swing
20 Frenzy
20 Taunt
4 Natural Resist

Damage 1800-2900, 1300-3500 @5 fpa? (I got confused with 'primary wep' and IAS..)
AR 9400
Resists 75/75/75/68 (before Fade)


BK Tribal Guardian (w/Shael)
BK Sacred Charge (w/Pul)
'Treachery' Ornate Plate
IK Gloves/Belt/Boots
Raven Froat
BK Wedding Band
Highlord's Wrath
Halaberd's Reign

A5 pics:

You can run really fast with frenzy.


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König (Immortal King, lvl 43) - A1 Nightmare
Khalim's -> Bonesnap -> Steeldriver, MPK ring lets him whirl away without mana issues.

Another nice LL Necro head.
I feel so unsatisfied when Tyrael puts the portal out of reach..

Edit: Should I go with extra points in Berserk? Or, the elemental damage from set is good enough? And put the extra points into Warcries?
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Leveled Bul-Kathos to 85 with some p7 Shenk/Eldrich runs. Taunt is very nice for all those Slingers and Bone Archers. :D
* I tried the BK ring as well, but Anya is too picky. :rolleyes:
Bul-Kathos's Bul-Kathos' Tribal Guardian
Mythical Sword
One Hand Damage: 1080 - 1350
Durability: 43 of 44
Required Level: 66
Required Strength: 147
Required Dexterity: 124
Fingerprint: 0x9dadf895
Item Level: **
Version: Expansion 1.10+
+40% Increased Attack Speed
200% Enhanced Damage
Adds 50 Poison Damage Over 2 Secs (50 Frames)
+20 to Strength
Fire Resist +50% 1 Sockets (1 used)
Socketed: Shael Rune

Bul-Kathos's Bul-Kathos' Sacred Charge
Colossus Blade
One Hand Damage: 675 - 1755
Two Hand Damage: 1566 - 3105
Durability: 48 of 50
Required Level: 63
Required Strength: 189
Required Dexterity: 110
Fingerprint: 0x4a6963de
Item Level: **
Version: Expansion 1.10+
+20% Increased Attack Speed
200% Enhanced Damage
+75% Damage to Demons
+100 to Attack Rating against Demons
35% Chance of Crushing Blow
All Resistances +20
1 Sockets (1 used)
Socketed: Pul Rune
Looking over my list (and to satisfy my OCD), I thought it would be nice to level all exceptional set characters to 85, and all normal sets to 80. They are all 78-79 except that **bleep** Angelic at lvl 81! :mad:

I am seriously considering this, but wasn't sure if it goes against forum rules? Could I rename her something else, and continue to level her as regular MeteOrb (not using Angelic set)? Then create a new character named Angelic, and play her to lvl 80.. again. Would that be allowed?
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Very cool project!

I need to hurry up or you'll surpass me in no time in the Murios Project, or maybe you did already :p


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König (Immortal King, lvl 62) - A4 Nightmare
Keeping the same armor/weapon look going:
'Steath' Ancient Armor -> 'Lionheart' Ornate Plate -> IKSC
Bonesnap -> Upped Steeldriver -> IK Maul
Double drop? I didn't think that was possible..
Screenshot189.jpg Screenshot191.jpg


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König (Immortal King, lvl 76) - A1 Hell
As if he wasn't cruising along easily enough already..
I guess I will just go with MF (Ptopaz) for the Armor/Helm? The weapon needs 30% IAS right? I stuck 2x +11 Max/+15 IAS jewels in there. Don't have any RJoF or anything nice. Decked him out with some of my nice 1.07 haxxor damage charms. This should be a fun leisurely jog through Hell. ;)

Edit: I was at around 2000 HP, at the start of A1. I ran into a multi-boss pack and died. One was Fana/Extra Fast, the other was Cursed/Extra Strong. So, I pumped a lot of my spare points into Vitality to get HP over 3000. I think it was too many. Then I accidentally placed a second skill point into Battle Command instead of Berserk. :mad:

That gave me the excuse to respec, and re-gained the 2 points from Increased Stamina/Speed while I was at it. Only pumped HP to ~2500, and the rest into STR. That got WW damage over 7K, and Zerk over 9K. I like those numbers better. :D
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Nice going !! Reminds me I really should get me a full IK Barb at some point as well. Or at least a character based on an entire set. Full Nat's MA Sin could also be fun.


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Nice going !! Reminds me I really should get me a full IK Barb at some point as well. Or at least a character based on an entire set. Full Nat's MA Sin could also be fun.
He is certainly fun! Gotta remind those demons who is in charge. You play too many underpowered builds, and they start to walk around like they own this realm. o_O

If you just want a character to play with a full set, I hear Berserker's is easy to find.. :rolleyes:
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I have all the sets in the game, so if I'm looking for excuses why I haven't made a full set character yet, I'll have to look elsewhere I'm afraid ;).


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König (Immortal King, lvl 85) - A4 Hell
Chugging right along. I think he will end up 90+ by the time he takes down Baal. Turns out you keep gaining levels on Hell as long as you don't drop the player setting.. :rolleyes:

At least I won't have to level him for very long after making Pat.
Played A1 & A2 at p8 the whole way, but it was starting to get slower. Dropped to p5 for Duriel as a precaution.
Back to p8 for all of A3. Oceans of tiny flayers to smack around. :p
He handles multi-boss rooms pretty well. Sarina's temple had 2x bosses alongside her.. o_O
Including this guy, PI and MI. Decrepify actually broke PI, but the elemental damage from IK did a respectable job anyway.