Norm Uniques - Exceptional Uniques


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Norm Uniques - Exceptional Uniques

I didn't know where to put this, and my search turned up empty.

I know the recipe for doing this, Normal Uniques to Exceptional Uniques...

For Weapons its

Ral + Sol+ P-Emerald + Norm Weapon= Exceptional

Tal + Shael + P-Diamond+ Norma Armor= Exceptional

Is it really befinical?

What does it do exactly?

I have a few Normal Uniques, like Gorefoot, Wormskull... what would it do for those?

Re: Norm Uniques - Exceptional Uniques

It would get a possibly higher defense/damage roll. But also all variable stats are rerolled too. It's really a matter of luck. Usually Titan's, Skullder's and Shaftstop are upped from exceptional to elite. I don't know if there's much upping from normal. Maybe Twitchtroe (or what's it called).


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Re: Norm Uniques - Exceptional Uniques

No CC. All variable stats will stay the same.
In the case of armor it does change the base defense, which is always perfect on a unique with enhanced defense on it. When it is upgraded it can have any base-defense the item allows.

Weapons will always get more damage, as they will now use the base damage of the exception/elite version of the weapon. The strength and dex requirements will go up too, as well as the level requirement.

IMO. Good normal upgrades are: bloodfists, magefists, chanceguards (they will get more defense and are items you can use the entire game) Hotspurs (to have the enh. def. actually do something), goblin toes (kickers get more damage).
Nightsmoke and goldwrap get 4 rows of potions with it which could also be usefull.
One of my personal favorites is the steeldriver great maul, the -50% req will work on the new requirements, a great weapon for leveling.

From exceptional to elite you should try upgrading a ribcracker, the difference in damage between the exceptional and elite version of the long staff are amazing. (exceptional is 8-26, elite is 75-107)


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Goldwrap gets upgraded so that you get that last (4th) potion row. Only other one I can think of.


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Re: Norm Uniques - Exceptional Uniques

Lenymo goes from 8 to 16 slots. Goblintoes become battle boots, very handy for kickers.