nooby merc questions


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nooby merc questions

well i dont know how to start it so here they are.

1. if i get an a1 cold/fire merc; will they shoot cold/fire arrows at cold/fire immunes.
2. can a5 mercs use heavy 2x axes.
3. what are the runes for Faith runeword (ohm...something)
4. do a1 mercs die in cs (that damn curse)
5. last question, can a1 mercs use "zon only" weapons/armor and a5 mercs use "barb only" things? and can a3 mercs use pally only things? (hoz, those shields)

6. do fire and cold arrows from a1 merc actually hit cold/fire munes? is there a physical part of it
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Re: nooby merc questions

First of all welcome to the forums, enjoy your stay

1. of course, they don't know the immunities of anything
2. no, act5 mercs can only use swords afaik, 2 one-handers or a two hander
3. here is a link to all runewords
4. no, IM works only on melee physcial damage, thankfully, though they can be killed normally
5. no, they are not amazons/paladins, however act5 mercs are barbarians, so they can wear barb only helms afaik


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Re: nooby merc questions

That would be nice if act 5 mercs could dual wield and use frenzy

Their stun attack and high life regeneration is cool but they aren't as useful as act 2 mercs.