Noobie Druid


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Noobie Druid

Could anyone critique my rabies build?

5 Werewolf
20 Lycanthrope
1 Feral Rage
20 Rabies
20 Fury
20 Poison Creeper
20 Oak Sage
1 Arctic Blast
3 Cyclone Armor

1) In many guides it says to put one point into Werewolf...? Why? The attack speed is so slow.

2) Is Rabies going to be my main attack? What's Fury for?

3) What's the most minimum amount of STR/DEX I should have at level 99? Let's say I had the best gear possible for PvM. Also, what is the best gear possible for PvM without switching to another weapon/armor.



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Re: Noobie Druid

any +skills you might have end game will easily take care of your attack speed. if you are actually playing through however, you will need those points in werewolf. You can use a speed calc to figure out exactly how much or just put the 5.


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Re: Noobie Druid

1-A shapeshifter gets most of their attack speed from their weapon only, ww gives some but past level 5 or 10*at work and don't remember offhand sorry* it doesn't help much anymore.
2-A fury/rabies wolf is a pvp build. You can hit someone with Rabies with weapon 1, say your tomb, then use the switch weapons trick with say a dweb/poison faceted monarch and inflict even more poison dmg to them, switch back to your main weapon and use fury to finish them off faster unless you want to run around and wait for the poison to actually kill them*which it can*. Fury is in the skill set also if you decide to do some pvm play. Rabies is NOT a pvm skill, it takes forever to kill and will also drop the game if a lot of creatures get infected.
3-If this is for pvm and not pvp dump Rabies and stick to pure physical dmg from fury. That would be fort/gores/dracs/jalals/rfrost with either another rfrost/metal grid or an angelic ring/ammy combo. The weapon you decide to use will be the main sorce for your stats. Will you use a 2 handed weapon for crazy high dmg, or use a weapon shield?
-If this is for pvp you will have to have a 1 hand/shield and a 2 handed weapon switch, and be able to switch out armors/gear for different situations, read through the great rabies/fury guide for more on pvp, its honestly...all there.

-A few points in Cyclone Armor helps in melee duels to take some of the dmg from the ctc firestorm from torch away.


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Re: Noobie Druid

1. I'll keep my Werewolf at 5.
2. It will still get me passed Uber though, right?
3. I'm fine with it being PvP as long as it can get me through Hell.

Thank you!


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Re: Noobie Druid

You should know those answers if you read the guides, WW's IAS doesn't do anything at the higher speeds past lvl 5.