Noobie alert!


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Noobie alert!

Hello everyone, I played before the ''ladder'' and I'm comin' back! I was wondering what realms are the most active during the morning times, i.e. 4 hours from when this post was made for about 5 or 6 hours (the time frame I would be playing in).

Also, I remember TPPKers were starting to appear, hydra sorcs = not group friendly kind of thing. Is this still pretty rampant? I got pretty good (very doubtful that I'm good now though hehe) and it ended up that the only times I would die would be to a sorc that befriended me (and ended up being hydra) or to a string of lag so bad that most people in the game logged back in to find themselves dead. Has much changed as far as stability goes? What char would you suggest to survive TPPKers? Has it gone so far out of wack that the damage they can dish out is more than any amount of life you can get?

I don't care too much about TPPKers, but after work (4 hours from now) I'll be installing the game and logging in to choose a realm, which will have the highest population of players? I know I could just make a char on each realm and see how many games are up, but normal games compared to hell games are sometimes really different. (I remember hardcore on USWest would only have like 4-5 hell games up at a time, where USEast you had to use the scroll bar!).

Thanks very much!


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After reading more, it seems USEast is the ''last bastion'' of hardcore players, so that's where I'll be rolling. It sounds like "you people" have all gone into hiding though, how am I to join one of these little community password games if I don't know anyone? If you're so open about the xbananax channel... why do you think it's safe? Heck, I could be a TPPKer and you wouldn't know it until I capped you with some hydras, right? Not that I am, just saying it doesn't seem much more safe than a public game.

So yeah, do you guys go into public games at least once in a while to meet new people? Or am I going to be playing in the wolf pack with a ham strapped to my back until I solo enough to become un-killable? :p


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Okay so I've read some more, remembered some more and it appears hydras can no longer PK, I've ALWAYS wanted to be a hydra sorc (seriously, summon a 3 headed fire demon that SHOOTS FIRE BALLS?! SIGN ME UP!) but never picked one because of the ''so-and-so is hydra, look out''.

I also know that hydra isn't ''the best'' build (what's with you blizzard/orb people...) and orb/TS is now a retired build? No more nova either it appears...

So anyway, I'm thinking of fire mastery + hydra + fire bolt + fire ball (the synergies), that leaves me with enough points top end to get teleportation and a point in ES. Basically I'll be a one-elemental build, which appears is frowned upon but whatever. My new questions are: getting FCR, does it affect how quickly I can cast hydras? At one point is it pointless to get more? (the break-point), with some (most) monsters in hell (and some in NM) being "immune" to magic or fire how will I kill them?

I saw some items (rune words?) on the arreat summit that had -enemy resistances, does this mean that my fire will be able to hurt them at all? I'm planning on keeping an act1 merc, a frost one, that way I can teleport around casting hydras (while she shoots) and she can slow people with ice (or hurt those that are magic/fire immune).

Probably won't work well "end-game" and I know you old-schoolers must be shaking your heads but whatever, first char back into the game kind of already has a death sentence right? May as well be a fun build :)

So yeah, can a fire-only sorc perform in later difficulties? I know HC I should probably have a melee merc, but if I can teleport around I "might" survive right?


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Welcome back!

A hydra sorc has been a build I've wanted to try as well. As you seem to have suspected, I'd highly reccomend dual element. In hell, without any other source of damage, fire immunes will be a huge pain for you. Without an absolutely ridiculous merc, with you likely wont have going untwinked, you'll probably be forced to skip them.

FCR does not affect hydra cast speed, though it'll be useful to have at least some for teleporting.

As far as I know, the -enemy req runewords you mentioned would indeed let your fire spells do damage to otherwise immune enemies, but I'm not 100% certian on that, not to mention most of those runewords require absurd runes to make.

I'd say the channels people play in here are safe because people know each other. I'm sure people will recognize you if not from your posts here, from playing with you online. If some less than honest players were to try and play in those games, people would quickly learn who they are and simply not play with them anymore. Based on your posts here though, you shouldnt have any problem convincing anyone you meet in the channel you're trustworthy, and not out to tppk them.:wink3:

Tried to answer most of your questions, hopefully I did, if theres anything else, feel free to ask, I'm sure you'll get a helpful answer :smiley:



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Yeah, after looking at the runes and which ones I'll probably just ''not see'' I'm changing my mind, it will have to be a hydra/something build... Hydra/orb seems the easiest, but it will be hard/impossible to max out the synergies then, what would you suggest? Just 1 point in CM? Go easy on the hydra synergies? (It IS only 3% after-all).

Oh, and do the synergies benefit from +skills?

Edit: I ask the last because if they don't, I should max them out and leave something like fire-mastery at 1 point and let it increase from my items, correct?


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Yeah, single element characters are tough. She will tear the game up until Act 1 Hell and then you will most likely hit a wall. Play her though, the game is about having fun after all. I would suggest starting a second character as back up though, its always nice to have a back up character when one dies.

xbananax isn't 'safe' it's 'safer'. Its a small comunity so its really easy for people to recognize outsiders. It has a bot and people are banned from time to time. I suggest stopping by and checking it out. Make sure you introduce yourself so that people know you aren't just some random.

You will have to wait for your merc to kill Fire Immune monsters in Hell. I would suggest putting 1 point in Static Field so that you can at least help by getting them to half way.

I have to go to class now, when I get back I will actually read your post (rather then just skimming it) and see if I was actually usefull with any of this.



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Pure fire builds are doomed because there are so many fire immunes in Hell. Pretty much the only thing they're good for are Andariel runs because she has -50% fire res.

Conviction and Lower Resist curse are the only things that can break elemental immunities (Amplify Damage and Decrepify can similarly break physical immunities). They all work at 1/5 effectiveness when breaking an immunity. Once broken, however, all other sources of negative resistance (items, Cold Mastery) work as usual.

You will want to max Frozen Orb ASAP and get Cold Mastery to slvl 17 after +skills. For maximum Hydra damage, check out this thread. As is explained in the thread, the synergy skills themselves benefit from +skills, but the synergy bonuses from those skills do not.

You will want at least 63% FCR since that is the minimum for relatively safe Teleporting. FCR actually does affect the casting speed of Hydra, but the cool-down timer remains the same (a couple seconds IIRC).

I'd recommend a Holy Freeze Merc (Nightmare Act 2 Defensive) over an Act 1 Rogue. The Holy Freeze guy will both slow things down and tank for you; the Rogue will just run away and do pathetic damage.