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noob questions...

Discussion in 'Newcomer Forum' started by freezebomb, Jun 16, 2008.

  1. freezebomb

    freezebomb IncGamers Member

    Jun 16, 2008
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    noob questions...

    I'm new to this forum, and I have a couple questions...

    1. I'm looking for an annihulus charm. Do I have to trade for it, or does Diablo Clone still spawn? What's the simplest way to get to him?

    2. How do I stop monsters from healing? I have a sorc, so can I hit them once with a physical attack while wearing nature's peace, then just meteor them?

    3. What could I get for a dream shield/helm? I need mara's kaleidoscope and Kira's Guardian, but I don't know much about value in D2... (I'm playing USWest)...

    Oh, and if anyone ever wants to help me kill the ubers, that'd be cool :)
  2. ThomasJohnsen

    ThomasJohnsen IncGamers Member

    Feb 12, 2007
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    Re: noob questions...

    1) There will be plenty of SoJs sold, when the first players/clans start getting to Hell on the new ladder (which probably will be about 10-15 hours after the reset), because they need to stock up on ladder Annis. You could accidentally stumble into a Clone game during the next couple of days, or you can try hunting him - there are multiple threads about that here on the forums.

    2) If you do indeed mean healing (as in regeneration), inflicting poison damage og open wounds will stop that. However I suspect you mean reviving, since you mention Nature's Peace. To stop a monster from reviving, you'll need to kill it with physical or elemental damage while wearing Nature's Peace or Tyrael's Might, or cause it to shatter with cold damage. Hammers are an exeption to this, since Nature's Peace does work with these.

    3) You should be able to get a low/mid Mara for a Dream shield if it is in a decent base and has a fair roll - at least you could before the ladder reset was annouced on Europe Realm. And a Kira goes for PGs.

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