Noob Questions


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Noob Questions

What's the highest magic find % a rare (yellow) ring can have? I am hoping to find one of the with good resists and high MF... although I may have to wait a long time.

Where would be the best place to run again and again in the hopes of finding a goldwrap belt. I have to ali baba's and two chance gaurds, but no goldwrap.

Why does it seem like magic (blue) necro skulls are almost always better than the rare (yellow) ones?


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25% is the best on a magic ring, although you can get the dual luck mod which woiuld go to 50% on crafted, or 30% on a dual chance rare

goldwrap looks like
norm diablo, baal,
nightmare meph, diablo, baal
hell meph, diablo, baal
nightmare andy, meph, duri
hell andy, duri

its just your luck, magic and normal ones have the same chance at auto mods, rares have a higher chance at other mods


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I have a 29 on my Nagelring? But that's a unique, and the yellow one (rare) i have is 26 stormclasp.