Noob Question


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Noob Question

Hey all, I'm new to these forums and have a really noobish question...
What build is just plain fun to play? I've tried hammerdins, smiters, WW barbs, Lightning Sorc, LF zon, Bowazon, Zealots, and lightning trapsin.
So far the funnest by quite a margin, for me, is the trapsin, because i do just bout everything with her: mf, pvp, rush friends, everything... but i want to move on to something else.. so if anyone has any suggestions please tell me.

also how do I know how much stuff is worth? I've got an excess of Andy Visages that I need to sell and don't want to get ripped for them. Thanks !


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first of all, welcome to the forums...

seems that you have tried lots of chars already, but no druids yet and necro's yet...

You can check the guides section for every char on this forums too, where there are very nice guides displayed which can help you out most certainly!

some suggestions:

pvp: Elemental druid, Bone necro
pvm: Fury druid, summoning necro (with the right gear they are pretty sweet i must say, just experienced this myself about 2-3 days ago :))
concentration barb is also quite fun to play pvm but i love the frenzy baba most, he's soo fast :)

About the andy's faces, i dont think they're worth a lot, but dont let them go to cheap tho, check the value forums for this one as i cant say exactly!

gl playing and seeya around

grtz bef


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Thanks to all who replied. And thanks for the welcome! ;D

And I have a summon necro now. Although I won't deny that it is undoubtedly fun, people seem to get antsy in their pantsy with all the pretty skellies and lagging and blah.

I doubt I'd have good enough gear to make a decent elemental druid.
Bone necro, of course I'd have to use Marrowwalk bug, but I really don't want to.
Fury druid is a maybe, but to be honest I don't like any druids at all. Hah sorry. Maybe when I'm really bored one day =).
Conc barb sounds ehhh, it'll have some consideration. Frenzy barb sounds weird. Do you frenzy then ww, or something?
Tesladin, eh, have a hard time imagining how that class could be fun. Don't get me wrong, I'm never tried it, I'm just thinking. Maybe I'm a bad thinker =\.
Lol, my friend has a fireclaw bear w/ a 6 shael phase blade. I laugh at him but he's pretty strong, kinda slow in terms of running though.
And hunter druid, LOL. Thanks.

Btw, is it true that I heard the ladder would be resetting June 8th? Please say no :(


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frenzy would mean that u double swing prety fast and after some succesfull hits, ur run speed increases for a short time :) if u play pvm i would sure try it sometimes..

dont know about ladder reset, as i'm nl player... i'm only going to start new ladder!



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Lol just had the greatas idea of them all :clap:

why not make necro with pure curse?

Think of it,

Iron maiden lvl 20,
weakon lvl 10
Life trap lvl 15
Decrepify lvl 17
Lower resistencelvl 20

it would be very nasty for the foe.

But the bad thing about it is there can only be one curse at the time *DOH*

But the posebility of that is very small, like 1:


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GreatStupidPastry said:
also how do I know how much stuff is worth? I've got an excess of Andy Visages that I need to sell and don't want to get ripped for them. Thanks !
Check the trade values forum here, but Andys helms go lem. I like them on act 2 mercs, and I usually socket them with a nice fire resist jewel (which I save for this purpose).


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I find most paladin builds kind of dull because they mostly use the same skill over and over again. I only make hammerdins for MFing good items, not to play through the game.

With necros you get a lot more out of it if you're constantly cursing, corpse exploding, and resummoning you golem as a meat shield. Same with Barbs with all the leaping, the Warcrying and the occasional berserking. Martial Artist assassins and shapeshifting druids can be cool like that too.


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I totally agree with the paladin thing. I just don't believe they're very fun characters. I've tried many main stream builds too and it just doesn't catch my interest. Oh well.
I actually wanted to make a singerbarb, but then always thought about how expensive that would be and just gave up on the idea all together.

Btw, can I get any more responses on wind druids being fun characters?


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As a summoning necro I think if the sorcs and druids stopped spamming their elemental spells and the palas stopped whirling their hammers there wouldnt be any problem when you come through the portal with your 12 normal skeletons, 12 mage skeletons, 12 revived skeletons and a golem. :D