noob Hdin question #12893721893


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noob Hdin question #12893721893

ok my hammerdin is young ~clvl 30

i max:
vigour - synergy
bless aim - synergy
+1 redemption
+1 Holy shield

i have been told that my aura is Concentration - why? as it doesn't increase BH damage does it? as it is not a synergy, does it somehow add damage to my bh's secretly? or do i do this purely for merc and party benefit?

ty in advance :D
Strength: 90
Dexterity: 125
Vitality: PUMP
Energy: base

Max BH, BA, Vigor, Concentration
10 Base into HS
1 into redemption

90 str for HoZ, 125 base dex with 10 base HS gives you max block in Hell with HoZ.

Concentration is the only aura that increases BH dmg.

redemption is a life saver.


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ty both, mebbe i am just slow, am glad i do need conc, as i already put a few points in there :D

already planned on:
base str 89
not really worrying about dex till 42 (HoZ) so 1 point or so / lvl to keep it ticking over, then i'll spam a few lvl's once i am wearing HoZ so i don't put too many points in there.
Rest Vit

10 base in HS? i will have about +10 comb skills so with 1 in HS and rest +skills it will last over 3 mins, is more than 1 worth it?


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I recommend you put all your points into holy shield after maxing the others, because you will still get a considerable increase in your defense rating by doing so. Duration is the least of reasons really, you will also get a touch better blocking percent, though that probably won't matter as you will have enough dex and such. I do recommend you put 1 point into it asap though, but you can wait until bhammer and synergies are maxed, as well as your 1 point into redemption, before pouring your other points in.