Noob Corner - Vitality vs Resist all


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So as a newish hardcore player I don't really know how to push beyond the lower levels safely, many have died in my haphazard adventures. One of the questions that always plagues me is whether to use resist all or vitality or perhaps blend the two?

I would appreciate anyones experience / thoughts :)


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I don't play console, so I have no idea how the experience is different. On PC in hardcore, I try to balance All res, armor, and Vit. If your mainstat gives you armor, then you need more all res. If your mainstat gives you all res, then you'll need more armor. You really only need "enough" vit to take a few hard hits and not die before using a potion, or your healing can get you back. That depends on your difficulty and play style.

For example my Wizard last season was touching on GR50 and had ~8000 armor, ~2200+ all res, and ~850k life, with 70k regen. Hope this helps.