Noob barb question about double strike


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Noob barb question about double strike

Ok I'm an old guy, so frenzy is actually too fast for me. Trying to control that little barb on speed is like trying to pick up a greased eel, and I also don't like that you have to "build up" the frenzy.

Has anyone tried just a double strike barb? A quickly mapped out one shows:

10 bash
20 double swing
20 BO
20 shout
20 mastery
1 pt wonders

gives +110 attack +100 dmg. Ok yeah it seems kinda sucky compared to other skills. The good thing would be that it's easier to control, has more swings than a conc barb, and "chance to cast" stuff would all work (that's the major downfall of WW, I love all those special effects)

Any thoughts, or should I just drink a lot of coffee to play frenzy?


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I like ctc items as well but instead of double swing i went for bash-stun with warcry support. Skills:

Max Bash
Max Stun
Max BO
Max Weapon Mastery
10 Warcry

Bash gives dmg to stun and stun gives dmg to bash. Warcry gives more duration for stun. I have 2*echoing weapon to boost shout but this barb has less defense but more stunning in his arsenal in terms of warcry and stun hehe. I also use Rattlecage which gives 25%cb. Most other builds find it inconvenient with its 'chance monster flee' feature but with this barb they can't flee cos well they are stunned hehe


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Well... I'm at the point where its no big problem to write text messages and slay a couple of nasty monsters at the same time..
If one stays away from trying to target individual monsters theres really no prob.. and with the run/walk bonus it's quite unlikely that you'll have to 6 sec
between monsters...

But nevertheless a Double swing barb can survive!