Non-SPL grail is now complete! (thanks Liq!)


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Non-SPL grail is now complete! (thanks Liq!)

Well, I got a nice little present from Liquid Evil this morning. He participated in a PvP tournament at these forums and one of the prizes in the winners stash was the rarest piece of equipment the game. Liq told me awhile ago that if he was able to get his hands on it, he would give it to me so I could complete the grail. I was stunned. Well, the tournament never officially ended due to real life and other things making the duels between the final 4 participants impossible to complete. The organizer of the tourney, Kabal, ended it by saying the top 4 seeds would get to pick items from the stash in order based on seed. Kabal was seeded #1, and passed on the Tyreal’s saying that as the organizer he would not take something he didn’t put up in the first place. Liq was seeded #2 and picked next. He snagged the Tyreal’s and that’s that. I’m still not sure on the history of this thing (and why it is socketed with a Hel rune :?, I will be taking that out soon), but I have no reason to doubt it’s legitimacy. If anyone has any doubts, please post them. Here it is:

Tyrael's Might
Sacred Armor
Defense: 1376
Required Level: 84
Item Version: 1.10 Expansion
Item Level: **
Fingerprint: 0x134f706f
+26 to Strength
+129% Enhanced Defense
All Resistances +28
Requirements -115%
20% Faster Run/Walk
Slain Monsters Rest In Peace
64% Damage to Demons
Cannot Be Frozen
Socketed (1: 1 used)

Hel Rune
Inserted into a Sacred Armor

Requirements -15%
Item Version: 1.10 Expansion

This completes the non-SPL v1.10 set and unique grail for me. I really never thought it would happen, and it would not have happened without the assistance from A LOT of people. I made a lot of trades, and was GIVEN a lot of nice things to make this a reality. Being given a Tyrael’s is just a great way to end it, because it really sums up the generosity of everyone I dealt with in this long process.

I cannot name everyone who was involved in helping me to achieve this goal, because there were so many who helped, and from so many forums, but if you are reading this you probably played some role, or know someone who did. I am afraid I would leave someone out too. So I want to say THANK YOU!!! to everyone who helped me out.

So, what am I going to do with it? Well, it is non-SPL, so I can’t put it on any of my SPL characters, but I have some non-SPL ones that will love to try it out. So I plan on trying it out on some of them soon. With that –100% requirements mod, any of them can use it. :D


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Hello, mn4nu! :)

Grats on the complete grail! :thumbsup:
That's really a big D2 achievement!

It's been a while since I last interacted/traded with you.
How's the ethereal grail coming?

On a sidenote: I think the previous owner of that Tyrael's wanted some style points by adding the Hel, like putting a Zod in a Phase Blade. ;)



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Requirements -115%

You'd need at least negative strength to wear it. Of course everyone has at least 0... :lol:


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There already was an Hel rune it when he got it :)

Congrat's mn4nu! Nice achievement there bud.


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Congrats, mn4nu, thats quite impressive achievement! :clap:

Now do the same selffound :D
Well done!
So how many items did you find yourself? was it the majority, or did you trade for most fo the higher up items?
Anyway, i agree, now is the time to work on the self found, or even eth grail.


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I found most of the items myself, but a lot of the real tough stuff was acquired by trading or generous people. :)

I am going self-found for all of my SPL characters, with the exception of maybe 5 items so far. So I have a real good start on that.

As for the eth grail, check this out:

click me


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Hel'd Tyraels = omglol

GG on teh grail mn4nu

If you accept gifts on the ethereal grail, I might be able to fill in a couple gaps. Dunno yet, I can find out when I get home(3 1/2-ish hours) though.


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Serdash said:
If you accept gifts on the ethereal grail, I might be able to fill in a couple gaps. Dunno yet, I can find out when I get home(3 1/2-ish hours) though.
Yes, gifts are accepted but not expected Dashy! :p

This thing really is a true community project, I just consider myself a host. It’s all non-SPL so I haven’t touched it in ages. There are a few things in there I have used on some of my characters, like the eth Reaper’s Toll, but that was also a long time ago. It just sits in the stash now. Someone is going to get a nice little stash when I finally quit this game.