non americans - post music videos here


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Great Idea Mike. Hope 2 see great music video in national tongue all of U boys :D Nice representation my country Mike.


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You should've said "Non-English speakers", since there are Canadians, Britons and Australians here as well.


According to the internet, the best foreign music music video is Numa Numa.... I shouldn't have to link that, and certainly won't. :rolleyes:


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It's "Jumalten Kaupunki" by Moonsorrow, the only result that came up from Google video. I was looking for a song off that one album (you know, the one with the anubis guy on the cover and the long Finnish title), but couldn't find any on Google. In fact, I think that CD might have some videos on it...

Edit - Just found the case; the cd is Suden Uni. I highly recommend it if you like the video. I think most, if not all, of the songs on that cd are better than the video.

Double Edit! - Wow, I didn't know that there were translations for all the songs in the booklet. Sweet!