Non A2 Merc Improvements?


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Non A2 Merc Improvements?

From the various Pat & Mat threads, by my estimation, the good old Desert Mercenary gets chosen at least 95% of the time, over the Mercs for the other acts. All my characters to date have used A2 mercs, mainly because their auras are more helpful, but also the nice damage from Jab and a big polearm. As I play RWM, Insight can be a big help for casters. The Reapers toll with it's 33% CTC Decrepify is great to support Melee characters.

How would you like to see the other Act merc's improved to compete with the A2 mercs? Warcries for the A5 Barbs? Better spells for the Iron Wolves? Rogues able to use crossbows? Or just better AI generally?

I'm just curious as to what people think would make the other mercs more popular without unbalancing the game.


Why would you want to improve other mercs? Life's so easy as it is :laugh:

If you insist, though...
  • Make better and/or more easily attainable bows for Rogues. Giving them skills like D/A/E or Critical Strike might help as well.
  • Definitely higher skill levels for the Iron Wolves, and/or better skills. OK, maybe not give them Blizzard, but Inferno? The dmg just doesn't cut it. It would also help if the only good weapon (Spirit) was universally available.
  • Better skills for barb! Of the 30 barb skills, Bash and Stun are probably the most useless (except for Increased Stamina :grin:) Dunno, give them Concentrate, WW, War Cries (not overriding a higher level one), Mastery... They are basically tanks just like the A2 mercs, but without the aura. They need something to compete (War Cries are the perfect substitute for auras). Allowing dual-wield or giving them more weapon alternatives (axes, mauls etc) would also be nice.

You see, A2 mercs have good dmg, many weapon options, tanking ability and the invaluable auras, surpassing all other mercs in all these criteria!


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It would be a lot of fun to have the barb mercs come with a random Ancient AI. Shout, WW, or double throw! :prop:


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Old topic revisited.:smiley:

Well, let's see:

Barb merc - give them war cry can be either interesting or nightmare (you don't want your high level BC/BO/Shout been override, and you don't want to your curse/taunt/howl/etc been overrided either). A better solution is to give them "real" combat skills (eg. concentrate, frenzy), and more weapon of choice.

Rogue merc - give them more weapons (eg. Xbow, zon only bow), and better skills. eg Let cold merc fires FA.

Iron wolves - give them mastery, and change the useless skills to something better. eg. cold merc fires FO, lightning merc can use SF


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I actually think the others are just fine except for the Act 3 mercs.

I tend to use Act 1 for elemental damage when I am a meleer (e.g. Werewolf)
I tend to use Act 5 for physical when I am a pure caster.

I only use Act 2 when the aura really will be of outstanding benefit - e.g. Zookeeper necros..... or a Defiance for a Conc barb.

I really dont like the ubiquitousness of the Act 2 merc - the very fact that it is so cookie cutter turns me off! :D