No Saturday Thread? Well here goes


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No Saturday Thread? Well here goes

Saturday's almost over for me. Ahh today have been a cool day at diablo. My FA zon bypassing some problems finished the hellforge quest and a mal rune dropped which was kinda cool. Then i ran chaos Sanctuary with my hammerdin and found a seraph hymn. Then i ran baal and got a blood raven charge.

Its was a bad day of real life for me though. I am still recovering from my deep case of flu and was having a blocked nose for the whole day. Duh although that did not make me stop diabloing. :lol:

And i wonder how did people get such nice stuffs from pindle. My pure blizzard sorc (who got to pindle with the help of a friends' zealot) is killing pindle easily but his drops are all yellow and potions. I ran him for like 4 hours and the best i found was a cryptic sword. Man i hope tommorrow pindle drop me a tal rasha armor so i can have 6 complete character set.(only left tal rasha and griswold)

Ahh off to sleep now. See ya guys tommorrow


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I took my poisonmancer on a tour through act 5 normal yesterday. It all went pretty smoothly until the end where all of the minions of destruction as well as Baal himself were totally immune to poison. The minions were supposed to be according to the Arreat Summit (thanks a lot Blizzard :mad: ), but Baal was only supposed to have 50% res. Oh well, it's probably because I was on players 8 that his health bar never seemed to move from my poison attacks.

I also did a few pit runs with my mf barb, got a new Trang-Oul's Claws that my aforementioned poisonmancer will be using. Have a good day everyone.


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Took my Grizzy paly to Act2 Arcane Sanctuary in Hell. I've got this cool idea about a Berserker... paladin that is! Using Passion as a main weapon. My Grizzy paly has one on switch to deal with PIs, although in a Scourge, the damage is not all that great because of the low minimum. But if I can found a decent weapon I might as well do it. Berserk-adin, nice. :D


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Not much D2 today - yet, but saturday is still relatively young here.

Went to a PC computer sale today, and to my utmost suprise I happened upon a D2 watch! Never knew such a thing existed, and it was really cheap, so at 15 Euro I immediately picked it up.

Remains the question: Can a fourty-yr. old dude been seen wearing such a thing? (Not that I mind the answer very much- I'll wear it anyway...)


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Lost my lvl 48 Hybridmancer early this morning to Cold Enchanted Burning Dead Archers. I dashed forward a little bit to both amp and encourage my minions to go there first, but I couldn't duck back behind the corner fast enough. It did teach me that I need to use the AI curses more than I have been. His revenge might come soon, but I have a lot of things going on right now, so I doubt it will be REALLY soon.


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I got my tesladin to Act 1 Hell yesterday after many frustrating confrontations with those bloody Oblivion Kniggets!

Baal dropped a Stealskull which found it's way onto my merc's battered cranium.

Got my WW Maul Barb into Act III NM. Upgraded his Bonesnap and Shael'd it (big improvement).

Just a quick note on the 'Passion-fueled) Berzerkadin. That bloody 'hit causes monsters to flee' on the Passion Naga I've been using up until some benevelot Unique Stygian Doll dropped me an Earthshaker yesterday near drove me foolish. (Especially with things like Gloams, etc that are prone to flee anyway).

If you have a high tolerance for frustration (or are already bald), you could try it.

Just my 2 cents.


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Still haven't played any D2. Must be about a week of abscence or so. Can't say I'm missing it much. :) Guess I finally burned out again. :lol: Have a good sunday everyone.


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On hc sp my sorc is level 17 and just got cane, i just cant seem to stick to the game long enough to get anywhere wit her.

Oh well...


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Played with my Zealot Pally Angelus some more last night. He is currently in Act 2 Norm working on getting the staff (currently lvl 22). Also finally found my backup cd with some of my older chars so I am also gonna try to get re-acquainted with them :p .


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Well, it is kinda my own fault when I chose to wear 300-and-something% Magic Find on my necromancer, but I am being pelted with set items.

It sounds nice on paper, but I can't stand the sight of another Cathan's Mesh.

..And I am not even seriously MF'ing. I am just levelling him and trying to get him to Nightmare.


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Hmm.. posted here much earlier, but doesnt appear to have posted for some reason.. hmm.. probably cos my IE crahsed as I pressed submit...

Annnnyway, been playing my Fishymancer through Act 2 Normal today, its been going great.. until I hit the Maggot Lair... have had to resort to just letting my Act 2 Merc tank while I curse the things, no skelli army present :(

Merc doing abit better now that I've managed to pick up a Bloodthief from the give away/pass it on thing in the Giveaway thead.. firstime I've joined in that, hope people find a use for the few rather low level items I added to it.

My Necro and Merc are up to about 150% MF now, between Topaz armours and helms, and rings... including a Nagelring, my first Unique since I started the char, I'm guessing that type of MF isnt much cos not a whole lot more is droping, but then I'm only playin through the game.


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Haven't posted in the daily for a long time.

After I figured out how to host everything has been good.:D Yesterday patted my hammerdin at level 83. Today did MP WSK runs with him. Levelled to **. Soloing in players 8 is so smooth. Just gotta love hammerdins.:D Now I'm going to equip him in full mf and do some serious runs.

Also finnished watching Super Bowl today. First time I watched an American Football game. It's a great sport.


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Heh, Maggot Lair is just annoying. Fortunately you can get all your pent-up aggressions out of the system by Corpse Exploding the final room.

BTW, try to get Decrepify and Clay Golem before going up against Duriel. He becomes a cakewalk with that combination. Diablo is a whole other ball game.

It is also rather easy to get your MF up to near 300% using low-level gear:

Angelic Mantle, Angelic Wings and two Angelic Halos: 100% MF
Sigon's Gage, Sigon's Wrap and Sigon's Sabot: 50% MF
Gull: 100% MF
Tarnhelm or 2 perfect topaz socketed helm: 25-50% MF
Milabrega's Orb: 20% MF

If you have resources (or friends) you can even go for a four-socketed gothic plate with four perfect topazes and have the ring slots open.

The only problem is the Gull since those who have one are loath to part with it (unless they have spares).


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still no d2 for me, and in opposite to some other people, i miss it BAD!!! :lol:
i have wrote my noteblock @ work all full with new build idea's and improvment on my gear, so i cant wait to get back in the game ^^

good luck to everyone and have a great sunday



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strijdje said:
still no d2 for me, and in opposite to some other people, i miss it BAD!!! :lol:
I'm sort of wondering which is "worse": "Not playing and missing it" or "not playing and not missing it"... :teeth: What am I going to do with all that new found spare time? Go out and get a life? :scratch: :lol:


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hello all, still saturday here but the Sun should be going down soon.

played a little mp games, Nightavenger is at about lvl 94.5 only 90 million
to get to 95... man i'll be happy when she makes it... not much eles, no
good finds... enjoy everyone...

peace :bow:


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Hey all,

Ran Bishibosh, Blood Raven, and Bone Ash last night with Bob the Hammerdin, and was rewarded with a Gnasher Hand Axe. I'm happy, it fills a slot in my grail, so I'll keep running them until I get completely bored (soon).

Also started my bonemancer, MrSkullhead. Anyone know of a good Bone helm-type helm that would be good for a caster necro? I know wormskull has + necro skills, but it's more of a poisonmancer thing. At least that's what my poisonmancer is wearing at the moment.

Ah well, I've got some miniatures to paint, and some act 1 superuniques to kill for little reward :xgrin: .


El Communisto

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Right. So my "I'm not going to play D2 for a few days" comment from yesterday's thread wasn't exactly accurate. What I should have said was "I'm not going to play D2 until I eat a bowl of cereal." :teeth:

Instead of deleting my berserker, I gave him another chance, and he's actually kinda fun right now. I think I didn't like him much because I was having so much fun with Fish. I ran the countess another few times to get some quick exp and some runes, and she actually coughed up the goods! In 3 runs, she dropped 2 Rals and a Tal! For any level of the countess, that's pretty good! I thought the wife had downloaded some sort of hax0r program at first, but then I ran her again and she dropped her usual El. :D I also got him up to level 18, high enough to gamble for Giant Swords. Found a good rare one, with (roughly) the following mods:
+21% ED
+10% IAS
+35 to AR
+1-2 cold damage
Socketed: 2
I plan to chuck my two Rals in there once I get up to level 19. That extra 10-60 fire damage should prove quite useful for early game destruction. Bwa ha ha ha ha ha :lol:

I also started a bowazon and got her up to level 14, but she'll either stay there until my zerker gets to Destroyer or dies, whichever comes first. I guess I'm a glutton for punishment or something.

Also, thanks to everyone for their kind words yesterday. Helps to see that kind of support, even if this is just a game.

:drink: Cheers all!


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Well, since my birthday is today(sunday), me and my friends had a little movie watching. Pretty dissapointing, we were going to eat tons of stuff, and be up all night, and now I am sitting here, all alone 3 am.

I am pretty down right now since the one person I have spent most tme with and the also the person I enjoy spending time with most have found herself a boyfriend, and those two pretty much dissed me tonight.

We had planned a fight in 3 feet snow(she trains karate, I ninjutsu) We were out for like 2 mins, she wasnt up for it at all.

Got a nice present from her though.
Oh well, atleast me and an other friend could spend some time on writing a songtext that we have been working on.

Soon time for bed. Knowing that my boring life will continue tomorrow and the day after that.
Bleh, look at me go....
Sorry for this **** I have been composing for you to read. I will probably have forgot it tomorrow. And be the same semi-happy boy as I use to be but with one more year of uselss experience on my shoulders.


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no worries, Dolph. it happens to the best of us. i know where you're coming from, man. life doesn't seem to want to cooperate with my plans these days either.

Happy Birthday, though. And here's to the next year. it's a clean slate. Make the best of it.

edit: and keep writing! that can be both extremely rewarding and cathartic at times.