No more Iron Maiden?


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No more Iron Maiden?

Well I have (sorta) gotten back into Diablo2. I played a softcore sorceress through normal-hell (died about a dozen times getting back into the learning curve, terrible i know :D)

I noticed that clearing the Chaos Sanc and Baal (NM and Hell) my merc was not being Iron Maiden'ed by the oblivion knights. He could actually survive now. Does anyone know if the oblivion knights no longer use iron maiden? Or do you still have to watch out if you play a melee char?

I definitely lost a few characters due to iron maiden (most notably a level 92 javazon clearing chaos, poking away at a physical immune monster, forgetting that I was partying with a hammerdin with massive concentration aura which amplified my damage enough to 2-shot myself) and it would be kinda nice not to worry about it anymore. Not like there isn't already enough stuff that can kill you!


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Re: No more Iron Maiden?

lol yeah but that won't kill your Merc! Just get him fired up for better killing!!! RAWR!!