no more cubers?


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no more cubers?

i know the time of the cruel magical weaps are on the wane because of 1.10 but are there anyone else still into this? i'd like to know because it's something i can do than get myself a tomb reaver or a godly rare 2-hander.

i'd also like to know comments on the viability of these weap types as cubing alternatives to Great Threshers and Feral Axes

Great Poleaxe (WS: 0, range 5)
Legend Sword (WS: -15 !!!)
Great Bow (WS: -10) - why no bows? they are the easiest to reach 4fps fury according to electricblue's site?
Ataghan (WS: -20)

i read somewhere cubing has a certain affix limit on certain situations and any socket limits as well. i just want to understand.

tnx ppl


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3 chips recipe you mean?

Great Poleaxe with the right mods or a robo etc. is a great weapon.

Legend Sword counts as a sword and not a 2-hand weapon (err.. if that makes sense) when calculating for attack speed, therefore it's difficult to get to higher speeds.

Bows have low range and and require dex for damage rather than strength.

Ataghans can be good with the right mods.


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Cuping recipe got nerfed. It no longer pays out like it used to. Only gives max 1-2 sockets. Not like the good old days with 3 sockets. Also, since the 2 socket change, botd looks better in alot of ways.


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tnx guys.

i must be looking at a really really old copy of arreat summit. i thought there were 3 Norm gems and 3 Flawless gems recipe in there, instead of the usual chipped gem recipes. and now they're just 2-sox?

couldn't access arreat summit from where i am (they damn blocked it).


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I'm pretty sure it changed to just 3 flawless gems. [sarcasm]Cheers blizz for removing that lil stepping stop onto the trading ladder :thumbsup: [/sarcasm] :rant:

And yeah, those cubeed magical items are no-longer the top-end for speed and damge in 1.10 like they were in 1.09, and the efforrt to get them just doesn't appeal to many people.