No idea where this should go but...


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No idea where this should go but...

so uhh I will put it here.

So I want to make an donation to the site in form of Platinum 3 months (40 bucks) but I don't want to use paypal since I think they suck. I use neteller like every day almost. Anyhow, I noticed in the stickied signature thread that you cn ask thrusted members to do the payment for you, if you pay them of course. So thats what im gonna ask. Will someone help me out?

I will send you 40$ over NetEller (or whatever we agree on) and you will take care of the payment for me. I will send you the money before you make the payment so its all cool.

Oh yea, i'd like to hear from a moderator or someone "trusted" here that whoever agree on doing this is good. I havent been around in long so I am off the track in knowing who is good etc.