No good FB sorc guides around


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No good FB sorc guides around

I can't find a good, complete, and thorough guide for a FB sorc. All of them aren't very good. I'm looking for a 200% no eshield fber with equiptment section (different variations of stats;for example: all vita build, vita/energy split, and complete energy (eshield) builds with complete gear) and a pk strategy section. There has been these kind of guides for other builds but the fb sorc is lacking in thoroughness. I would like to know where I can find one or someone who is willing to share their great knowledge about the fb sorc ^^ Thanks


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I think the main reason why this is is because it's pretty obvious to max all the synergies for Fireball. As for stat allocation, it will usually depend on what you like - this is nothing new to anyone when you read the other guides, you will often see, go blocking if you feel like you want to block, but higher life would mean that you live longer, etc. etc. it's the same thing everywhere else. The gears are also pretty obvious, 105% FCR and any plus skills you could squeeze in there.

Although I do agree that there should be a Fireball guide, I think it is mainly because it doesn't take very much to make one that is very different from other single element guides. Chances are that you could take something like the Charge Bolt sorc, and change Charged Bolt to Fireball and the same result would turn out. The only notable difference is probably that Fireball needs one more synergy (not leaving any room for ES).


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the reason I'm asking is because I've had 3 remakes of my fb sorc and not one is satisfying me.
First is iizen and she had 71%eshield, 9kfb, 300 life 1600 mana
Second is ZjoFkXzZen and she had 66%eshield, 14k fb, 900 life and 1400 mana
Third is zNx-Zes which i just made, who has 18k fb, no eshield, 1k life/mana.

Iizens problem is low life, and low damage. besides that, i like her
Zjo's was the best out of the three, and has medium everything (eshield life mana damage). Only thing was I was hoping to do enough damage to do 1 hit kos, and i dont with her.
zNx's problem is low mana (1k). I put all vita and only 30 energy when I found out her mana problem. All stats are with lvl 7-8 bo on and same gear. All had 200 cast. Zjo did the best in pking but not damaging enough as zNx, who has too little mana and not enough protection (lack of eshield). iizen lacked damage majorly and low life.

I want a eshield fb sorc who has good damage.(200cast) I'm not sure how much to vary between telekenesis and energy shield b/c most of my gear are +fire, and if I do 20 tele/1 eshield, eshield % will be low. I need at least a few pnts into eshield for it to be effective. +with eshield, I am trying to aim for at least 17k damage, which isnt happening. Is it possible?

Ive met some fb sorcs who have 1.5k life/mana without super expensive lifer gcs. How is this possible? Their gear is very similar to mine.

For gear, I'm really in a delimma.

Wiz-1 soj or hoto-2 cast rings- or wiz fb ormus- or hoto viper- or what?? THere are so many combos for 200% cast and I cant find one with: good res, +lots of strenght for spirit but a lot of +skills. iizen used hoto/2 cast ring, Zjo used same, but zNx used wizpike and 1 soj. iizen and Zjo's res sucked even with perf viper and um in armor etc. only the wizpiker (zNx) had good res. Cant anyone come up with a medium for all my sorcs???


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I'm by no means an expert at this, but imo this would be a pretty ideal setup.

Helm: 3 to fireskills 20% fcr 2 sok circlet with 2 5/5 fire facet
Armor: Perf Vipermagi socketed with a 15 resist/ 9 strength jewel
Weapon: Wizzy socketed 5/5 fire facet
Shield: 35 fcr Spirit
Belt: Arachnids
Gloves: Magefists
Ammy: 2 sorc skills 20%fcr w/ resists, life, mana, strength
Ring: 10% fcr w/ resists, life, mana, strength
Ring2: Soj
Boots: 15/15 sandstorm trek
Switch: 6/6 cta + spirit
Charms: 10 Fire gcs with either 35+ life or fhr, an anni, 9 20 life/17 mana scs

This build would meet the 200% fcr bp, have max resists, decent life/mana/dmg. However this build would be insanely expensive. Hoped this helped.


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The problem is that if you don't go Energy Shield, you have to get block, it has to be one or the other, it can't be both nor could it be neither. Vitality will last you a while, but it won't be able to save you. Energy Shield is great at deterring damage from your hp, but you are spending quite a bit of points into Telekinesis and several extra points to get to Energy Shield, something that a Fireball sorceress won't be able to afford because it takes 80 points to fully synergize it (unless you plan to get to 99 or something but I'm not that hardcore). Blocking will also help against attacks.

So essentially, you are either putting points into Energy and using Energy Shield, or you are putting points into Dex for blocking. As far as shields go, nothing tops Stormshield, but because of high requirements plus it's also a pain to get, Moser's could also work with two Perfect Diamonds (if you're on a budget like I am).