NM Mephisto and blizzard


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Evening SPFers

I have started running Meph on NM to try and get some gear and have a few questions that I will try and answer and would be grateful for some confirmation.

1. Blizzard or meteor? Well I do a lot more damage with meteor currently but he is 75% FR and only 50% cold resist. So if both were same base damage, blizzard would give 2x as much damage. So blizzard is better

2. Should I take my Merc? Well no, he's dead and costs a lot to bring back. The only good thing he brings is mana regeneration and I can use pots.

3 what player settings to use? Well as I have a 12 belt slot all blue and I use most of them in a p3 using the most trick, stick to that.

4 300+mf, means removing +1 skill plus several mana boosts. Worth it? As I don't think it slows down kills, mf as much as possible.

5.does fcr really matter with blizzard as casting delay? No only if spamming left click attack

6 how quick is a reasonable run? No idea

Any guidance will be met with a nice drink at the bar



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1. Blizzard.
2. Yes. Bring a Wand of Life Tap. Get his resistances to 75%. Static Field is THE KEY.
3. If you can manage /p3. If it's much longer and more tedious than /p1 there's no point.
4. Everything above 200-250MF doesn't matter much. There's a difference but I'd rather focus on kill speed/comfort.
5. No. Only matters for teleporting. 37% is okay-ish.
6. No idea.

Guidance - Be quick and move on to Hell Meph :p


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Blizzard has the benefit of cold mastery, which adds damage that you do not see on the character screen. The moat trick is a good strategy. Also there are a couple tricks to keep the merc alive, such as giving him thawing potions to boost his cold resistance, getting a defiance merc to boost his defense, and giving him a kelpie snare if you have one. You can also equip Insight yourself if you have mana problems.


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1) Between the two, Blizzard is better, though I do just fine with my Meteorber, pelting him with Frozen Orb. I can aim those things pretty well.

2) I always do, because he carries Insight, and he tanks Meph while I force-feed him healing potions.

3) I'll give this one to the others who have answered already, as I'm not well-versed on optimal /players settings for specific builds/areas/farming methods.

4) Personally, I've been doing just fine with around 200, like the others have said, it's the kill-speed efficiency that matters.

5) Not for Blizzard, but it will help with teleporting to Durance level 3, as well as your Static Field, so it is worthwhile, still.

6) Also no idea. I suppose you should reroll the map until Durance level 3 is relatively close, and if you have to chug half the potions in your belt to take down Mephisto every run, you either need to lower your /players setting, or simply get better items elsewhere before tackling him.


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If you apply the moat trick on Mephisto (i.e. lure him to the moat, teleport back across, cast spells from afar), it's working better without a merc because he will run towars Meph and trigger his spell attacks. Also consider visiting Andariel thereafter by taking the red portal to act 4 and going to the act 1 catacombs from there. She should be no problem even without a merc. Go to her at the end because she often leaves you poisoned.

Regarding FCR, I would go for the 68% breakpoint. 105% is safer, but not really needed if you have a map with a short way to Meph and Andy.


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Thanks for the feedback, I'm one teleport from wp to stairs. My kill speed is crap currently so am going to level a bit by including shenk and eldritch.

I have been using the moat trick so no Merc. Would guess roughly at max damage for blizzard at about 860 currently and meph resisting 50% with a lvl 3 cold mastery and having 76000 hp it's about 125 casts........


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Max meteor max fireball max blizzard 1 in static and tp, all rest in prerequisite.

Now focusing on glacial spike as second left click and syngery for blizzard.

Lvl 65 I think


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It depends on how many +skills you have? You can get away with lower Cold Mastery if you have a lot of skills from your gear. A budget set up in NM would be:

Helm:     Lore
Armour:   Smoke
Weapon:   Spirit Sword
Shield:   Splendor Grim Shield
Ring 1:   Rare (FCR/Resists/Life/Mana)
Ring 2:   Rare (FCR/Resists/Life/Mana)
Amulet:   Rare / crafted caster amulet (FCR/Sorceress Skills/Resists/Stuff)
Belt:     Crafted caster belt (FCR/Resists/Mana)
Gloves:   Magefist / Frostburns
Boots:    Rare (FRW/Resists/MF)
That gives you:
Skills = +1 (Lore) +2 (Spirit) +1 (Splendor) +1 (Amulet) = 5
FCR = ~30% (Spirit*) + 10% (Splendor) + 10% (Ring 1) + 10% (Ring 2) + 5% (Caster Belt*) = 65%

*Your Spirit and caster belt rolls may differ

EDIT: if you have Magefists or a caster amulet, you can use different rings etc.


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Thanks for that, I'm trying to balance mf with kill speed so will make some adjustments and see what works for me. Have to err on safety side as HC