NM Meph Runs 1-100


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NM Meph Runs 1-100

Happy Friday everyone. A couple of days ago I posted a thread detailing some issues I have concerning Hell Meph. To summarize, I die, my merc dies, and it takes me a bit to kill the guy. So, I came here asking for advice. What I was told was almost unanimous. Level up more and do more MF runs on NM Meph.

Here is the link to the previous thread.


Now, I am up to 75 and decided to do my first 100 runs on NM Meph and record them for you all. I found a few gems in there, and I want to thank everyone for their advice. Without further ado, here is the tally.

275 MF

2 Isenharts Case
3 Goreshovel
5 Cathans Mesh
6 Gleamscythe, Irathas Cuff
8 Arcannas Head
10 Pierre Tombale Couant
12 Tir Rune
13 El Rune, Cathans Sigil
14 Razorswitch
15 Deathbit, Milabregas Orb, Milabregas Rod, Tancreds Skull, Griswolds Edge
16 Isenharts Lightbrand, Cliffkiller
17 Undead Crown, Razortail
20 Soul Harvest, Tancreds Crowbill
21 The Centurion, Gleamscythe
23 Gloomstrap
24 El Rune, Guillames Face, Diggler (Eth)
26 Razortine
27 Spectral Shard (Eth)
28 Sanders Taboo
29 Sigons Sabot
35 Islestrike
36 Rakescar
37 Gleamscythe
38 Sanders Riprap, Salamander
39 Rogues Bow
40 Vidalas Barb
43 Blade of Ali Baba, Aldurs Rhythm, Berserkers Hatchet
45 Isenharts Lightbrand, Husodal Evo
47 Irathas Coil, Langer Briser
49 Isenharts Parry, Dimoaks Hew, Kinemils Awl
50 El Rune

I equipped the Blade of AliBaba and did my runs with more MF starting here. 349 MF

51 Hellclap, Vidalas Fetlock, Spire of Lazarus
52 Sigons Wrap
53 Howltusk
54 Tancreds Crowbill, Milabregas Orb
55 Isenharts Parry, Natalyas Soul
56 Bonesnap (Eth)
57 Aldurs Rhythm, Natalyas Totem
58 Infernostride, Bloodfist (Eth)
59 Skullsplitter, Pelta Lunata
60 Hsarus Iron Heel
61 Irathas Cord, Islestrike
62 Isenharts Lightbrand, Soul Harvest
63 Milabregas Rod
65 Isenharts Parry
69 Soulflay
71 Ironstone
72 Isenharts Lightbrand, Berserkers Hauberk, Rattlecage
74 Atlantean, Cleglaws Pincers, Grim Reaper
75 Tancreds Spine
76 Angelic Mantle
78 Wizendraw
80 Isenharts Lightbrand
82 Civerbs Ward
86 Ironstone
87 Sigons Wrap, Arctic Mitts
90 Ironstone, Hsarus Iron Heel
91 Tancreds Crowbill
92 Angelic Sickle
93 Skull Collector, Berserkers Hauberk, Infernal Sign
95 Rakescar, Sigons Wrap
98 Ichorsting
99 Cathans Visage
100 Skystrike, Angelic Sickle, Gravepalm (Eth)

So, now some questions. What would you recommend socketing in the Ali Baba? <Editted cause Im a moron. I knew that. =P Thanks Hrus.> Second, I swapped my Rockstopper out for the Guillames on the Merc and I definitely notice a difference with the CB, but I miss the DR and Resists on the Rock. Which one would you use or are they interchangeable based upon the situation?

Is it worth using a socket quest on my mercs helm or even his Kelpie Snare? If I do use it on his unique item, do the upgrade recipes still work even if it isnt an “untouched†item anymore?

Thanks for your time folks and I will post my next series of 100 runs soon. Have a great day.



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Look what topazes do when inserted into weapons!!!!! HAH!

EDIT: I would still use a Rockstopper, your sorc should do a lot more damage than CB from mercenary, she can use static field and Crushing blow is not so good when the monster's life is halved already.

Upgrade recipe work with the socketed items OK, you will not loose the socket and inserted rune/jewel.

EDIT2: Jewels with MF are good to place in the Ali-Baba, or IST runes if you have some, but they are too expensive...
(MF jewels don't add much, but everything helps and they are not as rare as ISTs)


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Ummm, my sorc started doing hell meph at like level 65 or so (completely twinked) and used the moat trick, at those lower levels you'll actually get exp killing meph, which is just a sweet bonus to the mfing. This only works for meteorb and blizz sorc of course (although any sorc can easily kill hell meph, it just takes decent gear, and better dodging skills)\

crushing blow is awesome for boss killing, although meph is really a very weak boss anyways, it's KILLER for baal though, my hammerdins merc uses guillames, rattlecage, and an eth upped kelpie snare with an amn in it, and he is a baal killing machine. I'd stick with the rockstopper for most cases especially for nm meph, since you dont need the CB to kill him, your skills can do that for you, and what you need is for your merc to survive and tank, moreso than for him to kill.


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Thanks for the info, looks like the kind of stuff I used to see from NM Meph. Except the Ali baba, still dont have one of those. =)

Hmm, instead of socketting ist or magic find jewels in the Ali baba, have you considered a Gull dagger instead? it's 100 magic find by itself. I use one on weapon switch with my Rhyme shield, and switch to them for the kill when Meph is low.

The trick to MF'ing on Meph with a sorc is mostly learning how to dodge Meph's ranged spells. I reccommend very fast boots (30% or 40%) and doing what you are doing, practicing on NM.

When you almost never get hit with the big white bowling ball attack, and are pretty good at avoiding most of the charged bolts, then you can move up to hell.

If you use a merc, then you have feed your merc potions & kill fast enough to protect the merc. I find, that until the merc is really high level (>85), Hell meph will destroy the merc too often, and you will be constantly restoring him from the dead. So, for Meph runs, I learned to do with the sorc, without any merc, just fast footwork.

Good luck


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Guillaume's and Kelpie are godly against Meph. Stick with them, and find resists on your merc armor, if needed.