[NLSC/HC Europe] Bladerunners recruiting


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[NL/L/SC/HC Europe] Bladerunners recruiting


dont miss this 1 time opportunity to join one of the most mature and devoted clans in the d2 universe. Yes, you've read correctly, Bladerunners is looking for more members and it doesent stop there. If you can check out these boxes we'd like to hear from you:

- Devoted to the d2 game
- Mature behaviour
- Enthusiastic about getting to know other people

As to what we can offer you:

- Devoted experienced members with a lot of knowledge about d2
- solo/team pvp-ing
- 24/7 availability
- a Special sense of humor

Feel free to check out our website at: www.bladerunners.tk and look me up at bnet: *feyd-br or just sign up to the forum and tell us a bit about you and why you would like to join.


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For those who want to sign up for trial-membership we've made a new apply for membership section. Feel free to go there. =)


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Hmm, we're not that picky about new members, just have to have a nice sense of humor. =)