Nightmare Duriel crushing my Meteorb Sorc... UGH!


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Nightmare Duriel crushing my Meteorb Sorc... UGH!

My main strategy for finishing up normal, and going through act 1 and 2 with my meteorb sorc has been: SPAM FROZEN ORB. It absolutely dominates everything that isn't cold immune... then Duriel comes along and wrecks everything.

I really, really, really, really, really don't like running up next to Duriel and using Static Field on him. I tried it twice today, lost about... oh lets say, 100,000 gold, half a level, and the motivation to even try anymore. It just didn't work on him. My merc goes up to tank (I got a holy freeze merc now, LIKE THE METEORB GUIDE SAYS, PLEASE TELL ME THIS IS A HUGE MISTAKE AND I CAN SWITCH BACK TO DEFIANCE, PLEASE!!!), he gets crushed within 4-5 hits - this is when I'm not near him. When I run up to Duriel to static-field him, he turns around and crushes my skull.

What the hell can I do to solo this beast and not lose billions of gold and possibly a few levels?

I feel like I'm wasting my time with the mage classes and I should go make a whirlwind barbarian... :cry:

Are there ANY guides to making untwinked characters that can supposedly solo hell besides the meteorb sorceress? I HATE how fragile she is.
NECRO! Don't listen to these asshats. I have a fire sorc with high fireball and used my large stash of full rejuv potions to keep my minion alive while taking shots at duriel with my fireballs, 5 deaths and he died... all their bullcrap 'PlAy SoRc BeTtEr" is just elitist nonsense and trolls.