Nicro's FT/ISO list

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Nicro's FT/ISO list

So ya, my mules are starting to clutter up, and I don't feel like making new ones. Most of this will probably go for pgems/lower runes, but there are some gems in here :D Mule trades are preferred though I can probably manage in game trades too.

Currency (Pgems, runes lem+)
Ber (hehe, I can hope)
light/cold/all res scs


32x P amethysts
21x P rubies
10x other pgems
I value all pgems the same, I just separated them for the crafters.

5x pul
3x um
6x mal
2x spirit sets (without hel)


+1 WC with 37% GF
+1 bow with 50 psn dmg
+1 elemental
+1 def auras
+1 cold 5 str
+1 cold 21 life

Unique weps:

4x Wizardspike
3x Occulus
198ED/7ll Titans
196ED/7ll Titans
182ED/9ll Titans
163ED Lacerator

Unique Armours (Canadian spelling ftw :D) :

190ED/6ll Arreat's face
141 def Shako (perfect I believe)
136def/27res/1os CoA

193ED Guardian Angel
30res Vmagi
33res Vmagi
34res Vmagi
115ED silks of the victor
+3 blaze/15 fire Ormus

22ED magefists
25ED magefists
2x 28ED magefists
15ED frostburns

134ED razortail
101ED/13DR dungos
119ED arachs

113ED Lidless Eye
181ED moser's
145def unid SS

Unique Jewelry:

2x 3/-5 psn die facets
5/-4 psn die facet
3/-4 lvl light facet
4/-4 lvl cold facet

Rising Sun
2x Cat's Eye
Highlord's Wrath

Set Items

1/1/1 tal's orb
tal's ammy

2x trang's gloves
Trang's wing
Full sigons

3x +3 wc ammies (plain, 12dex, 75%psn length reduced)
10fcr/1dex/117ar/1maxdmg/75mana/1manaperkill ring

5os flail
5os sup flail 12% durability
5os sup crystal sword 11% durability

Thanks for reading :D
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Re: Nicro's FT/ISO list

@edistotiger: I value 2 sojs a bit more than 1hr, can you up your offer a bit? Sure thing for the tgods though.

@aazjazz: sure

Can you guys send a mule? I might be able to get back on later tonight after managing to realm down myself.


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Re: Nicro's FT/ISO list

I can do Ohm + Ist, but that's it. Ohm = ~5 Ist + Ist = 6 ist. SoJs aren't worth more than 3x Ist each IMO.

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Re: Nicro's FT/ISO list

@Sorcy: sure, send a mule

@Megazoid and Grolen: you guys have c/o, I'll give it until 9AM EST tomorrow.