Nice neat trick I've found

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Nice neat trick I've found

I've learned of a helpful trick for summoners who have revives and are taking too long killing act bosses/high hp monsters:

1. Get to your target (Baal, for example)
2. Town portal out.
3. Take the waypoint to Durance lvl 2 and get as many maulers as you can (any blunderbore type monster also works, so if you find blunderbores in Frigid Highlands you can revive them too)
4. WALK back to the waypoint you came from and go back through your tp.
5. Get the maulers to attack the boss.

The neat thing about the maulers is that they have Crushing Blow, and a decent % at that. My mf summoner has a tele charge on weapon switch and I used it to tele right on top of Baal and let the maulers just eat 50% of Baal's health in 10 seconds. He dies usually within 1 minute. I learned of this trick when after a few minutes of fighting Baal and all my revives got killed, I tped out and took a wp to the Frigid Highlands and just happened to find blunderbores there. I revived them and brought them to Baal, then all of a sudden I watched Baal's life drop drastically. I then experimented with different types of blunderbores and it seems that they all have crushing blow. Just thought that I should share my knowledge with others.


i would say clever technique more than trick i have seen this method used before by a different forum member works well with my mf nec ;)


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Ayup, I've done that as well in regards to getting maulers a-mauling an act boss.

My favorite is Duriel getting slapped around by a passle of twelve or so of those buggers.

Ah... makes me want to go and grab another PB&J sammich and kick back.

"Sugar-Frosted B**** Smax."


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reminds me of somethiing I found out a while ago erveybody prolly allready knows this but In act 5 you have those beast type off monsters who can be mounted by those annoying teleporters who can cast inferno when on these beast like monsters or when in towers. Well if the inferno bothers you you can attract the beast likes and the demon imp will dismount it making it impossible for him to continue casting inferno. They will however finish the inferno cast they were doing.