NF's 1.10 HC Berserker Guide


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No significant changes to Berserk. Barbs got a slight buff in 1.13c where they increased possible Critical Strike from Weapon Masteries by 10% (from 25 to 35, at lvl20... I think that it is also better along the progression, but not sure). Also reduced WW mana cost, but that's irrelevant for zerkers.

Also the FE bug got fixed in 1.11(?), so no more ista-gibbed from full health by death explosion.

I believe default hotkey for weapon swap is 'W', but you can remap it to whichever you prefer (Menu(Esc)>Options>Configure Controls)
Can anyone confirm if FE bug fixed in NM?

And is the FE explosion damage in Hell "manageable"? Do I have to dodge the explosion if I have 75 fire resist?


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On the contrary, I find WW more safe than Frenzy/Berserk and a modestly kitted out WW barb can quite easily handle p8 Hell (e.g. dual Ethereal Oath Balrog Blades, Smoke Elite Armour, Laying of Hands, String of Ears, Gore Riders, Arreats, Highlords, some decent rings).

The best thing about WW is that you're constantly moving while attacking so dangerous ranged attackers don't get a lock on your position so easily.

At high speed, Frenzy can be unpredictable (overshooting your mark, running too fast for merc) and Berserk is single target.

I'm not 100% sure about the FE bug, but it might have been fixed on the realms but not SP. Probably best to wait for confirmation from somone more knowledgeable on that one. In any case, let merc/minions handle FE bosses as they are unaffected.

@Quentin Check out this post by onderduiker, it has some info on FE, click here.
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