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News vs. Entertainment

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1. - Swimmer drives with shark on leg - Feb. 11, 2004SaveEmail

2. - Parent body-slams ref at high school basketball game - Feb. 10, 2004SaveEmail

3. - Peanut Butter finally free from Jelly - Feb. 10, 2004SaveEmail

4. - Paper: Diet guru Atkins qualified as obese - Feb. 10, 2004SaveEmail

5. - Original Star Wars films coming to DVD - Feb. 10, 2004SaveEmail

6. - Sea lion forsakes ocean for trip to farm - Feb. 10, 2004SaveEmail

7. - Church rethinks three wise men - Feb. 10, 2004SaveEmail

8. - Passengers: Pilot promotes faith on flight - Feb. 9, 2004SaveEmail

9. - While on vacation, dont let the bedbugs bite - Feb. 10, 2004SaveEmail

10. - Chocolate sweet for the heart, research shows - Feb. 10, 2004


Wow, with everything going on in the world today, this is the stuff people are most interested in?


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If I were to venture a guess on that, I would say that those stories are more popular because they are lighter in nature and don't need to be digested as fully as discussing more of the deeper issues. It tends to satisfy the "fast food" mentality of people with regards to television and the news.

If I were to make another guess, I might tend to think that people are feeling overwhelmed with much of the weighty stuff going on in the world, which makes it nicer to read the "lighter" side sometimes.

Of course that's just personal speculation on it.

*goes back to reading nifty article about shark attached to mans leg* ;)


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Not surprising really, given our culture's (used in the absolute loosest sense) fascination with reality TV, Botox, fad diets, and celebrity nipple. Besides, February is always a slow news month.

I'm gonna read a book and ride the storm out. Nice to see you here, ZF!


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hahah, I saw a few of them myself earlier this morning. I find these more interesting than reading about war in Iraq.


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Starfishied said:
hahah, I saw a few of them myself earlier this morning. I find these more interesting than reading about war in Iraq.
I say we need more alien invasions, spontaneous combustions, and such. All this stuff is getting too boring.


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Did anyone catch that story about the vanished Russian presidential cansisate? I read it in the paper today but I can´t remember the guys name and I haven´t found anything on the net.

That´s a story that´s both serious and entertaining.

He turned up again...