Newly started bowazon advice


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Newly started bowazon advice


I recently dusted off my diablo2 after a few years brake from it.
So I'm completely cluless as to what different equipment is worth and the new patch changes. I'm also pretty poor, equipment wise...

But today I managed to trade for a Lycander's Aim for a Ort + Tal + Ral + Thul rune. Pretty good deal I believe. Or was I fooled?

So My question is now, what do I do with this bow? What kind of PvM setup should I go for? And how good is the bow really?

Thanks for any advice and help,


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It has been surpassed by some of the new runewords, still Lyc's is still a good frostmaiden bow. The plus skills and ML are it's strong points. On the down side it's slow, but that doesn't matter that much. It's an endgamer in the right hands, though I'd probably switch to another bow/weapon for ci's.


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Its a ok starter bow. You will need 120IAS to reach the last strafe breakpoint.
-Slap in a shael rune in the bow
-Try to get hold of the cheap runeword 'Treachery', it gives 45IAS.
-A low Andariels Visage shouldnt be to expensive, 20IAS there.
-Gloves, Laying of Hands gives you 20IAS and 350%damage to demons(!!)+50fire res
This gives:
Bow: 40IAS
Armor: 45IAS
Helm: 20IAS
Gloves: 20IAS

This does that you free up your belt and amulet choice.
-The best belt vs price for strafer is Razortail. This gives you 33%Pierce, you only need 9 points in Pierce skill(after +skills items) to reach 100%. This will boost your killing speed when strafing.
-Amulet, Atmas scarab will trigger Amplify Damage curse. This gives your damage a nice 100% boost.

For boots I would suggest either Wartravelers or Gores. Low editions will be cheap to purchase. Wartraveler gives mf, strenght and a very nice damage. Gores will give Open Wounds, Crushing Blow and Deadly Strike. Both choices are good. For this build Im leaning towards Wartravelers.

Rings: One Ravenfrost is a must. Gives attack rating and dexterity. But most important: Cannot be frozen. Frozen bowama = a dead ama. A low Raven costs only a few pgs. Other ring is an open choice. Another Raven is good, a rare life leech ring, Carrion Wind could also be a good/cheap alternative. A Nagelring for more MF.


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that is a decent bow, you can build a pretty decent build based on that bow, i personally wouldnt choose amazon has a first char but maybe it will work out. Good lUck!