Newer MF Barb


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Newer MF Barb

Alright, I'll just put this out here:

I'm coming back to the game after a fairly long abscence (1.09 to be exact) and I'm wondering what the best build for a MF Barb would be.

I used to use a Frenzy Barb with full MF gear (insert your own dream setup as you see fit) in order to achieve this, but I don't really know where I stand with the new patch and all of the new available builds. If I missed something in the stickied build list, then feel free to direct me to it without holding my hand. I'd appreciate that. Just know that I'm looking to max out my MF as well as (hopefully) use a Frenzy Barb once again.

If that's not viable, feel free to tell me. If it is, just let me know how I can do it and I'll do my damndest. Thanks in advance.


I am planning on making a guide for this build, but here's what my mf frenzy barb looks like:


Helm - Shako
Armor - Enigma Archon
Gloves - Chance Gaurd
Boots - War Travelers
Belt - Verdungos
Rings - Raven Frost and Wisp Projector
Amulet - Maras/Highlord or barb mf ammy (I have a +2 skill/48 mf rare).
Charms - Torch, Anni, Skill charms and 7% mf charms/gheeds.
Weapons - Beast and LW Zerkers, Eth edge on switch.

Defiance Merc with delerium, CoH and Pride.


Str - just enough to equip enigma (108 req) - remember to calculate what u get from torch and anni. I think I added 30-35 pts here.
Dex - After torch and anni I think I added ~15 pts (enough to equip zerkers)
Vit - everything else
Energy - Base


MAXED - BO, Axe Mastery, Frenzy, Taunt
1-pt in prereqs (DONT FORGET FIND ITEM!) and berzerk for pi.
Leftovers in double swing.


This setup is heavily item-dependent but you can stack on between 300-400% magic find, which is all you need. I have over 400 points in vitality so buffed my life is around 4.5k and damage is around 7-8k max. Build also gets right at 50% damage reduction, which is max (shako, dungos, enigma and fade).

Beast, last wish and pride (merc) give 3x offensive auras to boost frenzy - fanat, might and conc. Fanat also gives attack rating and ias, and conc gives chance of uninterruptible attack. I keep an ethereal edge axe on switch with 1-pt in berzerk to kill physical immunes. Since I dont use a shield, I chose a defiance merc to boost my defense (its around 15k). If you don't care about defense, you can use a blessed aim merc for a 4th offensive aura (boosts attack rating), or holy freeze to let you get the first hit on most monsters.

The key items in the build are enigma (teleport, magic find) and last wish. LW gives fade to cover resists, life tap to keep you alive, and adds magic find as well. The crushing blow is perfect for ubers and acts bosses too. LW has no IAS, so I chose beast to speed things up, but you could use LW and EBOTDZ if you prefer. With the fast weapon (beast or ebotz) on the main hand you won't be far from 6 fps. Adding IAS from LoH and Highlord will put you at last breakpoint.

If you want to use other items, look for gear that casts amp damage or decrepify. These will remove physical immunities in monsters and help your frenzy big-time. The only problem is that they overlap life-tap, and you will need to have life-tap going for ubers. If you want to lower enemy defense without overlapping life tap, the conviction aura (from infinity or a paladin in your party) can help. You can also do the classic "weapon switch find-item barb" with dual-isted ali-babas, 6-ist colossus blades or even heart carvers on weapon switch (phys immunes will take longer this way).

*Note - to fight ubers, I switch the mf gear for gore riders, LoH, CoH, and arreats. If you play alongside a pally with fanat, keep a weapon ready to switch from beast (i.e. botdz). You dont need magic find for ubers anyway.


- Your runeword weapons and armor will be expensive to repair. The gold find from chance gaurds will help. You can do trav runs and hork corpses to find extra gold. Frenzy kills your durability fast. I have done many cow runs where I have to repair mid-way through.

- Attack rating might be a bit low. Mine is about 6k. For ubers you really need around 10k. Arreats will help when fighting ubers, as will AR charms. If AR is a big problem for you, you can switch the defiance merc for a blessed aim merc, although you may get hit a bit more, but with life tap it wont matter.

- Watch out for iron maiden. U can usually teleport right on the oblivion knights and kill them with 1 hit before they cast. If you are IM'd, you can use zerk on them and do very little damage to yourself.

- Merc pride freezes target and occasionally causes corpses to shatter, leaving less for you to hork.

- You have no mana leech. Its not a big deal because frenzy only needs 2 mana per swing, but mana burn monsters and constantly teleporting around can keep your mana low and it gets annoying. There's no shame in chugging potions.

Where can I MF?:

This build can tele around to do key runs, and has enough resists, crushing blow and lifetap to kill act bosses and ubers. Also kills fast enough to do pit runs or cows. Mercs delerium is great to distract minions or large crowds (confuse). Magic find is also high enough to keep things interesting in the meantime - With find item you basically get 2x drops half the time.

You should be able to kill all superuniques, act bosses, and ubers with ease, just play smart! Since you are just coming back you may have other questions, feel free to ask.

Good Luck!


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Thanks a lot for your post, it was pretty damn informative.

Here are my issues though:

-My wealth is nothing. I couldn't put together that character if I wanted to now, unfortunately. Any recommendations on some gear I can use on my way to getting enough wealth put together to get that kind of a set up?

-Any advice on how to put together that kind of wealth now? Back when I was playing, some of the easiest things to do were putting together a bunch of chipped gems to pay for a rush (do people still do rushes, anyways?) and then the same to get basic gear to work with. If you were smart, you could turn that around real quick.

-Are axes the only way to go? Back then (sounding like an old man, Jesus), swords were the way to go, mostly to use Ali Baba's on the switch for boss killing. But if there are no swords powerful enough, then forget that.

I think that's pretty much it. Well, I'm sure that there's more to deal with, but I might as well stop here to make it managable. Thanks again.


Croup said:
-My wealth is nothing. I couldn't put together that character if I wanted to now, unfortunately. Any recommendations on some gear I can use on my way to getting enough wealth put together to get that kind of a set up?
The best route is to run NM mephisto for decent gear, then hell trav and meph until you have a good collection of tradeable stuff. Sometimes you can find generous players on the forums to help you. Low level uniques and rares with +skills will start dropping around NM, but a lot of people just give away lowerlevel items that will really help a new character in norm and early NM. A good strategy might be to save your mastery points for last, not only to be efficient with point distribution, but so you can use whatever weapon you find along the way until you get your end-game gear.

Croup said:
-Any advice on how to put together that kind of wealth now?
Perfect gems are the poor mans path to wealth. Check the trading forums for values and demand, etc. Runes and sojs are the main currency now, so remember that you can cube runes to upgrade them, just watch out for dupes.

Croup said:
Back when I was playing, some of the easiest things to do were putting together a bunch of chipped gems to pay for a rush (do people still do rushes, anyways?)
In exchange for rushing, people ask for hellforge drop nowadays. You can ask someone from the forums here to rush you. You can rush up to act 4 hell and then leech xp to level 80. If you play on USEast NL I'll help you. :smiley:

Croup said:
-Are axes the only way to go? Back then swords were the way to go, mostly to use Ali Baba's on the switch for boss killing.
One of the advantages of this build is that you have enough magic find with your primary weapons that you dont have to switch for find item. You can BO and hork with your main setup and be durable enough to survive in the end stages of hell. You will be sporting around 400% mf. There are diminishing returns at such high levels of MF, so even with 2x 6-ist colossus blades (a 360% MF increase-the largest possible on weapons), you will really only get like ~20% increased chance of finding uniques, and remember that rune drops are not affected by MF% at all. I prefer to have a fast kill speed and get through the different areas at a decent pace.

Axes have a range of 3, along with a high range of average damage and fast inherent weapon speed (zero). Plus, the most diverse set of runewords can be made in axes, so they're definitely the way to go for this build. Many players prefer EBotd and EDeath colossus blades for frenzy, but they offer no mf. There are plenty of powerful swords, but I prefer axes simply because you have so many choices of weapons:


Crescent Moon
Hand of Justice


Last Wish

And these are just the runewords! Make sure you invest some time researching the new uniques, cube recipes, runewords and other changes introduced since 1.09. There are many clever and crafty options available to you depending on the build you prefer. Planning your character thoughfully will really pay off, after level 75 you should be fairly powerful.


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Nice guide greyghost!

Im using a frenzy magic finder atm and he resembles yours except mine is using swords.Call me crazy but right now im duel weilding last wish phase blades...just happened to have two so I thought why not:smiley:
I have 30ias from highlords and elite goldwrap and phase at -30 ..that hits the second fastest break speed?
The might aura from both last wish stacks and fade and lifetap trigger very often.What I like about the dual last wish is high crushing blow on each weapon on each swing.

I was planning on ebotd cb and last wish cb although my barb is running baal and meph with no hassle now so I cant complain about the setup.

The only thing I dont like about your gear setup is the ravenfrost,which im also using as it is my only source of cold damag and does shatter a percentage of corpses and I use item find a lot.Im considering for the loss of 24 mf, chaming my shako and ditching the raven and using a dwarf star for the 100% extra gold..useful while horking.
My merc uses infinity upd eth duriel shell and crown of theives btw so I dont get any cold damage there.

Also the confuse from merc delerium is nice but also over-rides lifetap which can be painful when you find yourself in a scrape and relying on the life return from lifetap.


I thought about those alternatives but I'm addicted to the high damage this way. I also keep ravens on for cbf, which is useful since you want to keep swinging. I really keep delerium around for style points, but I've found that confuse can be helpful for both myself and the merc, because when monsters are confused they stop attacking me and let me heal, so I don't need to leech from them. I can always let him do his own thing and keep some space between us, since the curse ranges are not necessarily full-screen. I thought a lot about different helms, but I couldn't find anything better than delerium. I don't need life tap ALL the time, because the defiance merc makes it harder to hit this build, and the attack speed is fast enough to get the first hit, stun/blind/freeze and kill enemies before they can attack. Anyway, I have been tinkering with ways to increase my attack rating even more, and I found that a blessed aim merc gets it to 10k, but right now I still prefer a defensive merc.

2x LW phase blades and infinity gets major style points. You're very fast and you don't have any repair cost, which is such a timesaver. I used infinity before switching to pride because infinity only lowers elemental resistances, and frenzy deals mainly physical damage. Phys damage is boosted more by conc aura. I like the enemy def reduction from infinity, but I found that I kill faster with the conc aura (I didn't bother with a calculation). I chose not to use 2x LW because 1) I wanted as many different varying mods as possible, instead of overlapping the same mods, and 2) last wish get neither IAS or attack rating bonus, just damage. Beast gives a big boost to both. My goal was not only high MF% but also effective damage/attack/kill speed, so with the 2 additional auras my damage went from ~5k to ~8k, and attack rating goes from ~5k to ~7k. This was a big deal for me, because for ubers the might aura alone wont cut it. Plus I get to turn into a bear, and people react like "HUH??" :shocked:

That being said there are many possibilities for a mf frenzy barb, not only with items but skills as well, and I will post a full guide for it soon.

Barbarians! HAARRRRR!!


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haha yea i met up with a barb usin a wolfhowl during a chaos run the other day and scared the crap outta him when i transformed into a bear....


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Im yet to try the ubers with this build although it was never intended for them,only for boss mf and pit runs etc.My merc is blessed aim,with him my ar is 12k,helps having the added dex for using a phase blade:smiley:Life is just over 4k with warcries and defense just under 8k.
I guess the main reason I dont like the delerium helm is I rely so much on lifetap.This is my only source of lifesteal so i dont want to lose it at critical times.
I chose a different route in building this char and mxed the bezerk synergy.The fact that it didnt add to total damge wasnt appealing at first but seeing you should try things at least once i figured why not.This synergy still adds alot of damage to frenzy although its hidden.Phys immune monsters die near as fats without using bezerk and really tough PI stoneskin bosses like frenzy taurs dei very fast to maxed bezerk.

This is still my frenzy mf barb markI:grin:Im planning on trying some other builds later but for now Im enjoying the good drops from monsters too much to start another one:laugh:
Re: Newer MF Barb

you should check out my mf barb build, it might not be exactly what you were thinking but it works extremely well for magic finding, its called the tyrannicides


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Re: Newer MF Barb

This thread is 2 years old. Are these people even playing anymore? :scratchchin:


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Re: Newer MF Barb

Hey Guys.
I have recently just started a new MF barb.
He is only lv 21 at this moment. Was wondering if you could help a new barb out? (As in some low lvl items that can help me on my way :p)