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I'm a new poster in this forums (altough read here a lot):)
I wanted to know if there are active trades here and if so to offer a few items for trade:

eth titans 171 ed 6%ll (will upping it increase it's value?- i have the ingredients)
zakarum shield no sockets with 190 def and 39 @.
2 random CoTs
13% ed kraken shell with no sox
919 defense tal armor
necro summon skiller + 36 life
necro torch 13-17
shadow skiller (plane)
sacred targe no sockets [email protected]
giant skull 2 socket
14% nightwing
514 def 4 os archon plate
13-11 paladin torch
shealed death cleaver
140 def spirit monarch (28 fcr)
3 os bone visage (cant remember defense- around 130)
rising sun amulet
laying of hands
2*demon limbs
nords tenderizer
940 def ebugged wyrmhide 4 sockets
guilliams face
aldur helm weapon and boots
11 blue essences

Any offers will be appreciated.

My first post so be gentle.


edit: added charms, also looking for runes on the way to create my own grief.
edit #2: added some more items id like to trade and corrected def on tal arm
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If you have a spirit pack or 2 plus hel it will be good for the gloves.
For the death cleaver, it's really hard to say, can you make an offer?



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My highest rune is Um. I have couple of lums, ios, hels, one lem and ko plus some lower runes and pgems.


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Hi, as i said before, 2 spirit packs +hel will be nice (if you need cheaper i can settle for less)

I'll be online tonight.