Newbie to Forum


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Newbie to Forum

I have been visiting this forum for a while, but i thought it was about time i joined. So here i am.

Have been playing Diablo 2 for about a year or so. Was introduced to it by my bro, and he gave me most of his items and characters when he stopped playing.

i Have one of each of the characters, but they are all quite low levels. My highest character is my Barb at level 60. and my lowest is my Assassin at level 12.

So a big hi there and hello to all at the forum and look forward to chetting to you in the future.


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Welcome, welcome, welcome! Make yourself to home. The "I survived the 3rd Great Forum Crash" T-shirts are on sale to your left.


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Welcome to the forums! Hope you enjoy your stay :)

If you see any blank threads that's because of today's forum crash, so don't worry about it too much...


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Welcome to the forums, and like Shade said, don't mind the empty threads, Durf got hungry and ate them all...

A word of warning though, I'd avoid Durf right now, he might be having umm how to put it...some problems on not passing gas and belching constantly, after all the stuff he ate....

Yes, we blame Durf for everything :D


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Welcome to the forums!

Hope to see you for a good, long while. Have a :drink: on me at the EMB.



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Greetings and welcome! I myself have been a long time (though with a long absence) reader and short time registered member. You should surely find all the answers to your questions here as well as some helpful folks!


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Welcome to the SPF! :wave:

Make yourself comfortable here, and make yourself to be kind to your felow members, or else I'll put the "Meal Target" sign for Durf on your back, and it won't be pretty, let me tell you that :evil:


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Welcome, be sure to read the FAQ's and behave yourself in front of the superuniques(are there any?!) and the agents of the squid, of course! :D

Dinnin Darkblade

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Straight Jackets to the Right, Blame it on Durf Booth to the Left, and Agents of the Squid EVERYWERE.....

Okay so I'm still rather new and don't know the history of the Squid, but when it comes to something that eats forums and likes to cause genral mayhem, who cares about its history. Just raise some skeletons and tell it to Live. :xeek:

A question for you all, if the Squid ate the forums, and Durf is to blame for everything, does that make Durf and the Squid the same person/thing/creature/it?


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People are forgetting the brain-bit, I'm afraid. The jars are on the right in that alcove. Yes, just put it in there, you won't need it, I assure you!

The Durf-Squid relationship runs too deep to discuss here, I'm afraid, but it suffices to say that Durf is to blame for unintentional damage, while the Squid is ....AAaaaarhhhhhggggg.....


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Greetings, jazman, and welcome to our forums. Please remember to read the FAQs and behave in front of our elite uniques.

You can also drop by at the EMB for a quiet (age appropriate) drink or two - the first one's on me.

Enjoy your time here.


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Welcome and enjoy your stay here. You should seriously consider levelling your assassin, though. :p j/k. enjoy yourself.