newbie questions


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newbie questions

how does WWsin works and how can i get the Whirlwind
because i cannot understand the guide whenever it says wwsin
does sin have whirlwind skill?:sad2:

Silent Shaddow

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there is a mythical claw called chaos r/w that started all this trouble,
y, most guide assume u know this,
the claw r/w has +1 ww on it
the guides on wirlysins mostly focus around maximising this as primary dmg attack


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Fal+Ohm+Um is the runeword i think...thats from the top of my head, so i could be wrong

Silent Shaddow

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[FONT=arial,helvetica][SIZE=-1][FONT=arial,helvetica][SIZE=-1]Just 2 clear things up, to get ww you n this r/w made in a CLAW,[/SIZE][/FONT][/SIZE][/FONT][FONT=arial,helvetica][SIZE=-1][FONT=arial,helvetica][SIZE=-1]
Fal + Ohm + Um[/SIZE][/FONT][/SIZE][/FONT]
[FONT=arial,helvetica][SIZE=-1][FONT=arial,helvetica][SIZE=-1]9% Chance To Cast Level 11 Frozen Orb On Striking
11% Chance To Cast Level 9 Charged Bolt On Striking
+35% Increased Attack Speed
+290-340% Enhanced Damage (varies)
Adds 216-471 Magic Damage
25% Chance of Open Wounds
+1 To Whirlwind
+10 To Strength
+15 Life After Each Demon Kill[/SIZE][/FONT][/SIZE][/FONT]


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can u tell me what weapon is best to put this weapon???
superior swuayyah or a runic talon?
I'm not an assassin guru, but I imagine it all depends on what your other claw is and which hand you have it on.

Superior is usually a bad choice; the repair cost is immense compared to the bonuses.

Holy nuts, twenty more to 3k.


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Runic talon is better if you are using traps because you'll need -30 base speed to get decent trap lay speed.

Use suwayyah if you are pure ww.