Newbie looking to get started with D2 off-line solo


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Since D4 was announced there has been a lot of talk about D2. It was super cheap to buy and several party mates suggested I play it before D4 comes out. It was also suggested that I grab some mods/addons for solo play and get runes. They said check the d2 forums and the forum for solo player info./builds/guides so I'm hoping this is the correct site. The official forums don't have much info. with respect to addons/mods. So... what are some of the recommended addons/mods? If I'm at the wrong site can someone point me to the correct place?


I apologize if my newbie questions come across as irritating.


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Here you can find many useful links for information and mods I use Ladder Rune Word textfile mod (RWM) and GoMule :)

Some builds that are pretty easy to start with are (IMO):

Sorceress: Fire Ball and Frozen orb and Static Field (when you have played through the game with her, you can go full out Blizzard and Static field and farm Ancient Tunnels, Pindleskin, Mephisto and Travincal councils - and the superchests of Lower Kurast for runes, jewels and charms)

Necromancer: Skeleton Warrior (and skeleton mastery & some summon resists), Clay Golem, Amplify Damage & Corpse Explosion (get a strong act II mercenary and a staff with teleport charges on swap)

Assassin: Max Lightning Sentry and Death Sentry and use Fire Blast for backup. Some Fade OR Burst of Speed. Mind Blast is also fun to use here and there. Can clear most areas fast and safe.

But for starters, I would just experiment with some different builds and see what playstyle fits you most and "beat the game".

Here you can find some inspiration: (@Luhkoh beats the game with all seven classes w/o transferring over items - "untwinked")

Build diaries by me:
(HC Paladin)
(HC Assassin)
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Thanks. I figure I would most likely experiment with Sorceress and Necromancer.
After a little exploring around the forum site I found the sorceress guide knowledge library thread. I think the links to the builds are broken in the thread. Is there way to rebuild/re-assemble the links?


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That thread is old, not even sure its relevant since there has been patches since that thread was written.