Newbie in need of help.


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Newbie in need of help.

Yo my gf recently got me into Diablo2, usualy im not a fan of the old games but this is growing on me ;)
Anyway Paladin is certainly my fav, i got a Holy Shock/Zeal one to play with her druid, but would like to make a more caster type paladin for solo play.

I do like the button bashing in combat, and as far as i can tell there seems to be 3 types of palas,
Zealadins(holy shock one is that?), hamaradins and clerics

So zealadins are more melee based, hamaradins more spell and clerics are healers(no thx ;)), right?
Anywho could anyone give me some alternatives, like 2h builds, or caster type play builds?

Any help would be much appreciated :D


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right now only 2 caster type paladins that come to my mind are cleric and hammerdin and hammerdin would be probably better for u..



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if you want a 2hand build make a chargeadin...theyre fun to play around with. theres some decent spears and stuff for them too.