Newb werewolf Duel :Video:


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Nice, its good to show wins as well a loses as not alot of ppl like to admit they lose to stuff, and it also shows that like u, anyone can have a goo/bad day in dueling, either cuz ur not in the mod, under the weather etc.

Also it shows others that despite this builds ability u can still lose.


It also is good to show others where u went wrong. i.e bad strategy or just suck.

btw theives i see the money steal at the end of the last vid :shocked: :grin:


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Lol, the music is so distracting...Lol jk great to see you admitting your not Zomg Unbeatable like smiterz don't. We can all learn from you, mistakes or pwns.

IMC :grin:


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i turned the volume off. :p

i would've nk'd that sorc to oblivion. or use rabies on her when she is naked to piss her off so she dies before she reaches her body.


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lol at the sorc and other wolf who kept dying to 1 life wolf over and over. I guess he didn't know what firewall or telekenisis were. Windies are so easy for fury/rabies druids. all you need is 1 hit on a wolf or oak just wait till he teles again. It's kinda sad how ladder es sorcs find a way to get raped by wolves with 30 fr.